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Another one for my long-suffering dollieh friends (if there are even any still around):

Hi Ho )
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Just a shameless plug before we get back to the normal silliness:

Ebay stuffs ending tomorrow.

Plus, just listed even more.

The Stitchies need more room for fluffiness.
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This is tiki's anime room:

O noes!!

We needs spaces for Stitchies. STAT!

Here are our eBay listings:


We gots some Pullip and Dal up on the block right now. Like, Fanatica. And the Lan twins.

Buy stuffs!

The Stitchies are depending on you.....
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So, even though tiki's gone absolutely screaming batspit for Dizzney schtuffs, we realize that some folks originally subscribed to this blog basically for dollieh goodness. Which, has been sadly lacking. So, even though you've already seen pictures of these, and they were probably better photos, we present, PULLIPS!

Closeups after ye cutte )
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What if we got her...

And then deboxed her?

That wouldn't count, right? Towards our "stuff karma" we mean?
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Dear Jun Planning,

Fuck you very much.



Oh, shit!

Jan. 11th, 2008 11:14 am
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Why did we look????

Why do we always look????

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A coffee cup? A smiley coffee cup?

OMG Alice

Nov. 28th, 2007 10:26 am
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We feel ill. It's a set, with Other Alice and bunniehs and stuffs. *gah*

Via [livejournal.com profile] igrrl.
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Die! Die! Die! *stabby-stabby* DIEEEEEEE!!!!!

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...Like us.

Dal Jouet.

Limited to 300 pieces.

And only available at a con in Japan.

Because Jun Planning hates me.
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Hrm. So, Suigintou Barasuishou comes packaged without not wearing her eyepatch?

We mean, it makes sense, as you wouldn't want to get the inevitable stains all over her face.

Still, it would mean we'd have to debox, which gives us stress, and dress her up.

Wonder how she'd get along with the Stitches?
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This just fills us with dread. Not only is there the inevitable "OMG BUNNIEH!" reaction, but they're now this close from Pullip Kuromi. This close! And then, well, resistance will melt....
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So, we've been looking at Pullips this morning. Which is probably not a very good idea.

Huh. Digging the hair color, but we're kind of "eh" on the outfit. We mean, it's a cute kinda gothy thing, but we already own this doll, or pretty much like.
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We haven't felt like buying a dollie in a long, long time, but this "Hello Kitty devours a Pullip" is just kind of awesome.


Jun. 8th, 2006 07:49 am
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Did you think we were through?



dolls&dolls&dolls&dolls... )


Jun. 7th, 2006 11:32 am
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Is this what we think it is????

Japanese wedding Stitch and Angel!?!?!?

We mean like thees piccy which we have filched from the Intarwebs:

We die.
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OK, so Nina is kinda "eh," we'll at least like her sexy, sexy Taeyang bf, Sage, righteo?

Eh )
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When we saw this doll announced on the Pullip boards, along with her bf, Sage, all we could think was, Why a kogal? Why now? Granted, we are usually premium suckers for Japanese schoolgirls, who are potentially cutest schoolkids in the entire multiverse.

Hmmmm... )


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