Sep. 1st, 2007

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We'd been receiving reports of actual Stitch sightings at the Stitch store, so drove up on the last "top down" day last week. We found Mr. Punkin kind of hiding in the back. There's some fun new NBC Halloweenie stuff, but basically, for L&S, this was it. A bit of a comedown after China, where we had to buy a new piece of luggage to haul just one morning's Stitchie findings. Though, if it were like that here all the time, we would probably soon run out of room at Casa de Tikistitch and it would be like Trouble with Tribbles all over again.


Sep. 1st, 2007 11:52 am
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So, we've been hankering to try out the region-free feature of the snazzy new DVD player, so, seeing as we can't wait for the SciFi channel to give over the rights to Earthsea for the official US release, we ordered the J version from CD Japan. And, after just a few short minutes of cursing and stomping around, we located the code to enter into the player to unlock its awesome seekrit powers, and started to watch.

But the best part?

look inside )
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Mr. Tikistitch says he wants to run another marathon.

Mr. Tikistitch says it's time to start weekend long runs again.

Mr. Tikistitch also says he messed up the scheduliing, so instead of doing 10 miles today, we have to start out with an 11-miler.

tiki says, "ack."


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