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Aishwarya performs, at a SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF. Yeah, really.

So here is a tender love story about drunk driving accidents!

Hoo, boy, India. You have a lot to answer for.

So. Aishwarya is a teacher at a school for the deaf. Arjun Rampal is a rich boy. A really *hot* rich boy (yeah, this role was a stretch). Who falls desperately in love with Aiswarya at first sight. (Making tiki think, OMG, babies of Aishwarya and Arjun? They would rule the world with sheer hawt-ness.) There's actually some cute courtship stuff as he helps them with their school production: a singing and dancing number. Yes, at a school for the deaf. Capped by the weird video above.

THEN! Aishwarya reveals that, OOPS! She forgot she already has a boyfriend!! (Hate it when that happens.) And he turns out to be a cool guy, and she's totally in love. But, you know how these BW things go. Arjun is distraught, which he confesses to his happy best-est female friend, who is also terribly cute and nice.

Wellll, time goes by, Aishwarya, despite Arjun's creepy stalker-ish behavior, gets married and has a baby with the other guy. Arjun get despondent, and begins to drink and drive. And then, well, he causes a terrible accident that conveniently kills off his best-est female pal AND Aishwarya's pesky husband. And Aishwarya comes down with a convenient case of soap opera amnesia.

Soooo, for the rest of the movie (which now for no reason relocates to South Africa) we're supposed to hope that Arjun can win over Aishwarya, whose HUSBAND HE KILLED BY HIS ASSHATTERY.

It's actually well done, with some nice musical numbers.

But. Hoo boy.

Oh, and Arjun looks pretty hot in this one. Not as hot as he did in Raajneeti, but a lot more hot than Ra.One (where, tragically, he had to shave his pretty head).

Oh, and in case you wanna see what the husband looks like, he's rubbing noses and dancing in a field with her here:

Sadly, though, even though he is mighty cute, he is not Arjun Rampal, and thus by the rule of Bollywood, HAS TO DIE.


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