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Mar. 4th, 2012 08:09 pm
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I learned a new Bollywood term today: "Item number."

Basically, Bollywood movies would film a dance sequence featuring a lot of sexy girls which had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MOVIE. But they could use it in the trailers and advertising to bring people in, and hopefully, the song would be a hit. Supposedly, some people will actually go see movies just to watch a really popular item number. And some "item girls," women who starred in the dance numbers, would get famous that way.

And then just recently they figured out that, hey, women also go to the cinema, so some hunky male stars have stared doing item numbers. The Dard e Disco sequence from Om Shanti Om (I've blogged it here before) was both a snotty take on an item number featuring a male (SRK) in a role that would usually go to a female, but also worked as an item number, AND it was sort of related to the movie as well (pretty clever).

The video above is for a movie called Crazzy 4. Hrithik isn't featured in it, he's literally just in a dance sequence. SRK also did an item number for the movie (supposedly because Hrithik had hurt his knee and needed to delay filming his own dance):

AND one last thing! This is BABY HRITHIK ROSHAN ... dancing!!!


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