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Follow the bouncing ball....

Yeah, another on the list of "don't watch if you're already depressed. Guzaarish stars Hrithik Roshan as a quadriplegic. Need I go on? He is a world famous magician who was injured doing a trick. After 14 years serving as a kind of Chris Reeve inspiration/global good guy, he is petitioning for the right die. The stunning Aishwarya Rai is his faithful nurse (I swear to god that woman gets prettier every year). There's also some subplot with a mysterious young magician who wants Hrithik to train him in magic.

So, why watch when this is a downer and you've already sat through "Who's Life Is It Anyway? Well, for one thing, they cheat a bit and have Hrithik dance (the video above is a fantasy/dream sequence, and there are also flashbacks). And he even sings!

And this film is fucking gorgeous. I actually watched a bit of the making of video: Hrithik lives in this decaying mansion that they evidently constructed by hand just for the movie.

Oh, and Hrithik and Aishwarya actually get to act, as opposed to playing cartoon characters, which is fun. I've always thought Hrithik had a face that would work very well in silent movies, just very expressive. Check out this scene: she doesn't say a word:

AND if you want a good cry.... I unfortunately messed up and bought the DVD like 2 days before Amazon got the Blu Ray in stock. I might actually repurchase the HD version. Not one I'm gonna watch tons and tons, but it's SO PRETTIEH.


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