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Welllll, since Tumblr is being a butt for me tonight, why not enjoy a bit of my latest Bollywood find, "Om Shanti Om." This one stars the King of Bollywood himself, Shahrukh Kahn. The plot: oh good lord, it has something to do with a murder mystery and reincarnation. I haven't watched to the end, because all these bloody Bollywood films are at least 3 hours long (you get ENTERTAINMENT VALUE) but I'll pop up a review when I get through it.

The video above is actually supposed to be a gentle send up of Hrithik Roshan, my other obsession. (The two guys are buddies, so I'm sure nobody was offended.) Om Shanti Om is partly a hilarious send-up of Indian movies, so this one is supposed to be a production number from the character, Om's newest movie. In some kind of measure to grab an Indian academy award, Om plays a guy who's deaf and blind and mute and several other things, but then for no reason, jumps up to DANCE. Because everybody likes a musical number!

I fucking love Bollywood....

(Oh and BTW for folks who know what I'm talking about, the movie co-stars Arjun Rampal. Squee.)


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