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The bullet song.

How dumb was this movie?

At one point, Arjun Rampal hangs upside down off a third floor balcony just so he can shoot a couple of dudes upside-down. BECAUSE HE CAN.

This one had me from the opening credits, which show a shirtless Arjun Rampal exercising in a pool of water (hey, just like me!). That's ON FIRE.

There's at least two sets of villains, maybe more, I lost count, including some kind of jihadis, and they kidnap the president of India AND his daughter, who happens to be hawt. Arjun is an Indian military dude who happens to be hawt. Priyanka Chopra is a singer who happens to be hawt. CAN YOU SEE WHERE I'M GOING WITH THIS?

Somehow, Priyanka teams up with Arjun. Believe me, don't ask. Oh, and he's also got a funny comedy sidekick who he can banter with when he's not shooting dudes. And there's songs! Arjun is at the villain's lair, posing as a reporter, and then for no reason he gets up and sings a song about bullets! I wanted to find a video with English subtitles, but they were crap quality, and I can't stand to blur Arjun's pretty face.

Oh, and some of the dudes standing around rocking out are the villains. The standout is Naseeruddin Shah, who was also a villain in Krrish. He's so cool, you actually end up rooting for him. He gets his own villain song with Priyanka later. In fact, here's another "how dumb is this": when Arjun raids a villain compound later, he kicks ass partially because those villains are off singing their own villain song!

I love this stupid movie. At one point, one of the villains get the drop on Arjun. Does he shoot him with his automatic weapon? NOOOO! He tells him, take off your jacket! (Well, hey, that's probably what I would do.)


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