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As y'all know, we don't really collect dollies any more, but this one is a definite keeper:

"Misdo Licca." From the awesome Mr. Donut chain.
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We really really need to stop looking at prettieh prettieh dolliehz now.
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] fushigikb....

Oooo, they better not make a Stitch Licca. @#$%#$%.....
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May we just say,


EDIT: Sorry kiddies, Tikistitch was up waaaaaay past her bedtime watching Johnny Depp movies and babbling over AIM.

A clever person from Biscuit's Club spotted Halloween Kitty Licca over on the Japanese Takara web site.

As for pre-orders, I'd say the usual suspects, Helina, or perhaps Rudi when he gets back to Taiwan. There's also Kanoko, though I don't know if she takes pre-orders, she'll probably have the doll available on her site when it's out.

It says 1554 yen, so she'll even be cheap!!

EDIT edit: Hrrrm, might be so cheap 'cause it's just an outfit, not a doll. Will keep y'all posted.
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Tikistitch is Not Pleased.

An evil browser hijacker program came and stole away our work PC. All our morning's work? Pfft! Gone, lost to the Blue Screen of Death.

Let's look at cutie dolls, eh?

This gal evidently originated from the Peach John store or catalog in Japan. See? She even has her own shopping bag. The doll's a bit "normal" looking to satisfy our often outre taste, but we were seduced by the vivid packaging design. We also appreciate her funky faux fur coat. As you can see, she comes festooned with a variety of stuffs, including a purse, shoes, and press clippings.
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See, We do still post pretty dollie pictures. Occasionally.

This girl is from Takara's annual report to stockholders.

No kidding. )


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