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"We are good tourists," explained the Frenchman. "We come weeth two suitcases, we leave weeth four suitcases!"

They also mailed home some stuff, although it's gotten ridiculously expensive now.

"But, tiki, you should add a ski rack to the top of your car. So you may carry the Predateur head, if I buy one next time!"

We demurred.

Flo screaming, approximately, "No no! Don't take a picture! I bought too much crap!"

All gone, for now. (Um, until the Frenchman returns next month!) tiki will try to console herself with the 50,000 calories of food they left in our fridge.
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...and other life lessons.

Piece of cake )
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We've stolen some images from Ken, a/k/a, the fabulous Elvis Trooper.

(You can click on all the images for GREAT BIG IMAGES.)

My Little Wedding )
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In case you're one of those women who spent 5th grade dreaming about what color fresias you'd carry when you one day had your dreamy foofy dress wedding (we doubt there's anyone on our FL who qualifies, but just so), please be aware that tiki has little use for weddings, and in fact, even skipped her own (the tiki's eloped, and then scaped to Barcelona for a quite awesome honemoon). HOWEVER, we spent this past weekend attending a commitment ceremony that was, to our taste, actually not bad at all, and as it concerned two of the adorable-est people we know (who are nice even for Canadians!!!), we had a fairly splendid time.

A fairly cute piccy of the wedding party. TattooShane and MyLittleKarlee are in the middle, along with their "Maid of Honor Guy" and "Best Man Girl."

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Ran into some old friends this weekend.

Ferry Como

Oct. 1st, 2007 07:06 pm
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So, we're back in the U.S.S.A!

The Tacoma girls really knock us out )
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Totems yay!
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Unfortunately, we were in town just a week too late for Mr. Tiki and the Frenchman to show their stuff!

Maybe next time, guys!!
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Spotted near Exit 110 in southern Oregon.

Been wanting to snap a photo. Yes, even in a Blue State, teh stoopid sometimes reigns. Especially with folk who spend money on billboards (there are actually two of them within a few miles of each other). Most self-respecting simians we know would be emabarrassed to be related to the guys what put them up anyways.

EDIT: Just looked up the referenced web site, for the LULZ. Didja know, contributions to the fellas what put up the billboard, Who Is Your Creator?, are tax deductible? They are registered as a charity. In Minnesota.

We quote:

Who Is Your Creator uses media, including display advertising, to raise awareness of the serious misrepresentations and lack of scientific proof for the theory of Evolution, Naturalism and Darwinism.

See? They are a scientific organization.

Who Is Your Creator is a 501(c) 3 public charity registered in the State of Minnesota and donations are tax-deductible as provided under the IRS tax code. (Who Is Your Creator has no paid directors or employees.)

Minnesota? Y'all should be proud, P.Z.! (/joke)

So, you're wondering, how did they come to their very scientific conclusion about the theory of evolution? Are they perhaps crack biochemists from MIT? Rogue geneticists at Berkeley?

We believe that God is The Creator, and that Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Our hope is that we can Advance His Kingdom by countering the false foundations for the faith of evolution and to offer Christians more opportunities for sharing the Gospel.

Oh. That. Okey-dokey.

EDIT: Oopsie, PZ, whose blog people actually read (unlike, say, this one) put a link here, so I've temporarily enabled anonymous comments, so all the crazy people can have their say. For extra credit, you can take the good perfesser's advice, and visit Monkey Lady's forum. Ya, rilly, she has a forum.
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We finally made it yay!

Collectin' fools )
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The tiki's do Mongolia.
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We feel no compunction about stealing images from our adorable spouse, since, as not only is Mr. Tiki arguably smarter and prettier than ourselves, he is also definitely the better photographer.

We hadn't gotten an image, so had put all this experience safely out of our mind until this morning.

This is outside the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia.

No, that's not a dog.

And, not only that, this wasn't the only Russian citizen out in self same park walking their pet bear cub that morning--there were rather two or even three bear cubs on flimsy leashes gamboling about.

This was after we'd witnesses a good baker's dozen Russians walking authentic canines who were confined to horrible medieval style muzzles which looked more suitable to the latest Hannibal Lecter installment than to Man's Best Friend.

We're so calling PETA. And we don't even like PETA.
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Wanted to add some babble to this imagery from our Trans Siberian experience. Here's the first thing: no WiFi on the Trans Siberian! Woe is us.

my life of suffering and grief )
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Some chatter on our anime list this morning reminded us of this image:

As you must know if you've been anywhere near China recently, Beijing is the site for the 2008 Olympics. Of course a big part of every Olympic game in modern times is relentless marketing, so everywhere you turn in Beijing there is a kiosk selling Olympic crap, and the little anime-style mascots are pretty much unescapable. We're posing next to an advertising display, but you can see that the larger plushies available for sale in the window behind are really not much smaller. We spotted them everywhere, including at the airport on our way to Shanghai. We wondered if you picked one up at an airport kiosk prior to your flight, how you would go about transporting them to your destination? Do you need to buy them a ticket?
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In case you're tired of hearing tiki rattle on about our trip, here is Mr. Tiki's writeup of our journey across Asia. (With our new friend, Comrade Spongebob!) It was written for a Star Wars forum, but includes a bunch of groovy highlights and silly pictures.
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Some random images from Beijing. Was just talking to a pal from China about some funny Engrish on Chinese signs. In sum, we are both PRO funny signs.

don't spit )
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Just playing our marvy bootleg copy of Lilo & Stitch pa russki. (Stitch is "Experment shest-dva-shest.") We mailed it to ourselves from Beijing. Once we found the post office (the first post office we were pointed to was actually a bank, and the second was literally a bombed out shell of a building), doing EMS from China turned out to be simple and quick. The forms were even in English! Wow. And, the packages are arriving literally days later.

Now, London, on the other hand...

London post is falling down )
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Just extracted this item from the bottom of our luggage. A flea market find from Beijing, for which we spent lest than $10 (post-haggling) and which we expect to break within the week (the gal was unable to get another similar watch to work, so gave us her sample). We're comfortable with the former Soviet Union poking fun at their Commie past, but, as is sometimes difficult to remember when you're walking around its shopping malls, China is still very much a communist country, and Chairman Mao was never repudiated in the way, say, Stalin has been marginalized.

This wristwatch is pretty easy to find in China, and depicts the erstwhile leader of the Communist party happily waving his arm (which, yes, moves) at the Masses. It's not exactly disrespectful, but not exactly a very reverent item either. It's actually not any less silly than a Mickey Mao watch that would have the Great Leader pointing his arms at the time. Just makes one wonder, c'mon Commies, are you taking this seriously at all any more?


Aug. 6th, 2007 11:00 am
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So, if you're an inveterate armchair traveler (and tiki definitely is--believe us, it's much easier to kick back with a glass of Shiraz and watch Tony Bourdain nosh at a food stand in Nairobi than it is to sample some satai from a street vendor in Beijing and end up with 5 days of explosive diahrrea--as Transformer Andy remarked, "Bourdain travels with a doctor!"), you've perhaps seen some mention of Shanghai dumplings. Typically, the well groomed host will wheel up to the vendor window, snatch a snack, and then declare the superiority of this region's greasy snack food.

So, are you ready for some truth?

you can't handle the truth! )
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BTW, seems that, even with the supposed loosening of the economic system, China currently blocks Livejournal. At least, we were basically unable to update this blog for the duration of our stay.

Also, Chinese drivers truly want to kill you. It's a fact.


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