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Shani Davis. Mr. Tikis' photo, not mine. Which you can tell because it's actually good.

...being a memoir of viewing the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Mens 5000m speed skating event.

This actually began some months previously when the perceptive Mr. Tikistitch realized that Vancouver would be OMG dude OLYMPICS WHAT WE CAN DRIVE TO!!!! So, we put our collective Stitch ears hats into the ring, and were rewarded, in the fullness of time, with some pretty tickets.

Now first understand that even though The Land of Canada is our close neighbor, it is A DIFFERENT COUNTRY! Is true. There's like the metric system - remember studying that crap in school, hahaha? Well, the Canadians actually must've felt bad about it so they went and posted it on all their road signs. (They're all so really really nice.) Also, the money? Not real at all, it's just like Monopoly money, which is keen. No, rilly! They even call them "loonies." I mean, they're even in on the joke.

Anyways, the nice-itude was a bit of a handicap in our full participation. Yesterday's agenda included not only our first event, but actually physically picking up said tickets somewhere in the center of downtown Vancouver. The Vancouver 2010 web site made it clear that this would be a CARBON NEUTRAL EVENT, which seemed to add up to DON'T BE DRIVIN' TO OUR DOWNTOWN, YA HOSERS!! Unfortunately, amid pages with links to various international prizes the proud Canucks had been awarded for coddling polar bears, there was absolutely nothing about, ya know, how to utilize any actual public transport system alternatives.

I finally did some last minute interpolation using The Google and located what was supposed to be a designated Park & Ride lot near-ish to our event and/or the fabled sky train. We pointed the Tiki car towards downtown Richmond and crossed our carbon-guzzling fingers.

Pay to park. Plus, Dutch people! )
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Gopher Museum display - teepee
Originally uploaded by tikistitch

Canada's contribution to Western Civilization - Mr. Tiki and friends got to experience the Gopher Museum. No, we are not making this up. We totally have pictures to prove it!!!

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Mr. Tikistitch went to Vulcan!!!

Evidently, it is in Canada. Who knew?

Live long and prosper, eh?
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The multifaceted Mr. Tikistitch gave a presentation at the Sci Fi museum the other night along with collecting pal and co-author person Dooncan. It was well attended.

See? Everybody who's anybody was there!

tiki got to see the fabled Green Room at the EMP. And, you know what???? It's not really green!!!
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Do you think they will get along?

(tiki is opening boxes and giggling a lot today.)
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Whist Mr. Tiki was out of town, some local fashionistas got to his Darth Maul statue...

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Actually, it's on the coffee table. All over the coffee table. And, we wouldn't want to get pudding on them.

It's the proofs. For Mr. Tiki's gazillion-page Star Wars epic what he wrote with Dooncan. Or at least, it's about half the proofs. The others are still in the box. (Remember, we said gazillion pages like one second ago?)
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What's for dinner, Chef Vader?

Hrm, doesn't look very appetizing.
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And he brang us stuffs...

BTW, all of these fit into one bag. One tiny bag. (We think our spouse may have sooper sekrit powers over time and space.)


Oct. 18th, 2008 06:37 pm
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Mr. Tiki didn't say if they encountered any little people trying to trod upon it.
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Lookee what Mr. Tiki done finded in London!!!

And, yeah, we know it's not even HALLOWEEN yet. Anyways, the mug is insanely cute.
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Darned Ewoks! Leaving their stuff in the condiments aisle like that.
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Too quiet.

Yesterday, at the crack o' dawn, Mr. Tiki lit out, along with Rocket Scientist and the Frenchman, on a Wild West Adventure!

They're going to go to places where three states meet.

Yes, really.

Given that the trip in question involves not one but two MIT graduates, there was much strategic preparation, including GPS coordinates, and the purchase of many high tech devices intended to annoy bears, such as bear bells, bear pepper spray, and, we'll assume, emails from Nigeria, and mimes pretending to be trapped in a box.

Anyways, on the way to that, they stumbled upon Crater Lake!

And, some of the local wildlife!

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He was here all along!
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What's this dude doing in the Himalayas?
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A sacred cowbell.

Doesn't this look totally Indy Jones?
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Mr. Tiki's photo from the plane flying into some town in Ind-jah:

We have to go find some Dramamine now...
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Mr. Tikistitch is off hunting tigers in Ind-jah.

He sent some photos:

View from hotel = pretty.

Music to eat breakfast by! (We told Mr. Tiki to ask them if they know George Harrison!)

And finally....

Yes, it's Stitch in Ind-jah!!! (Note prices in rupees.) 'Cause, Stitch is everywhere. 'Cause, Stitch rules and stuff.


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