Girls rule

May. 12th, 2008 09:03 am
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So, we finally got our Girls Day set from Tokyo Dizzyland.

Wanna see?

Of course you do! )
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Another item from Tokyo dizzyland. It's a chime, where the bell rattles around inside Stitch's skull. Seems oddly appropriate.


Sep. 28th, 2007 12:00 pm
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From Land of the Rising Cell Phone, Japan. This was an item that was available during the last Find Stitch event at Tokyo Dizzyland, though we're really not sure if it was supposed to be part of the promotion.

You put it on your dashboard. And then put your cellphone on it. But, that doesn't look like a real Japanese cell phone in the picture, because it has no adorable cartoon mascots bobbling from it!! Maybe this item only holds cell phones for Germans or something?


Sep. 27th, 2007 06:03 pm
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So, in our haste to clean and tidy Casa de Tiki for hoardes of international guests, we mistakenly put away a rilly cool item before Immortalizing it for the Ages on this here blog! Quel scandale !! Anyways, we went and, through the science of opening cardboard boxes, managed to retrieve the item.

Sooo, wanna see what it is?

Oh, sure you do, quit being all emo and click )

Find Stitch

Sep. 5th, 2007 10:10 am
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More silly business from Tokyo Disneyland's Find Stitch event earlier this year.

Stitch's Big Marketing )
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If you have a hankering for some water with that fresh, wet-doggie tast, then why not try Stitchie spring water?

it's the water )
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The Tower of Terror ride has come to Tokyo Disney Sea.

It's been, er, a bit reimagined.

Zap! )


Jun. 29th, 2007 11:06 am
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These gashapon are from Tokyo Dizzyland's Find Stitch event.

find minis! )
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Another item from TDL, they're actually even cooler than this picture shows.

do tell )


Jun. 18th, 2007 11:40 am
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Yet more merch from Tokyo Dizzyland's Find Stitch event.

tiptoe thru the tulips )
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Continuing with our Tiki's Mysterious Friday edition, this Stitchie box is one of the cutest items we've seen associated with TDL's Find Stitch event.

on the nose )
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Often, when we receive an item, it's a bit of a mystery.

mystery machine )


Jun. 13th, 2007 09:34 am
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This is another item from the Find Stitch event at TDL.

when i paint my masterpiece )
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We're home waiting for the Rooter guy.

So it seems appropriate to have a bathroom theme today.

Ya know how the nice hotels always give you little bottles of shampoo and body wash and other weird stuff you don't know what to do with? This is a set of Disney-themed toiletries given out to folks who stay at the Ambassador at Tokyo Dizzyland during the Find Stitch event.

bathtime )
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This Tokyo Dizzyland item might look like an ordinary lunch box. But is it? Noooooo!!!!!

Look closely now.... )
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We're still receiving odds and sods meant to commemorate Tokyo Dizzneyland's (mumble mumble) anniversary. And what says "Anniversary" like Stitch binder clips???

more silliness )

We forget

May. 4th, 2005 01:51 pm
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We most certainly do forget things. You know, when you get to our age kiddies, you'll forget things too. Like, why you got up to go to the kitchen.

So this edition of Tikistitch will focus on the dribs and drabs we forgot to include in previous entries, because of exploding brain cells, or because the picture turned out kinda fuzzy, or just due to general angst.

What did you say? )
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The Tokyo Disney resort is having an anniversary of sorts.

And of course, there will be Stitch!!

Bring it awn.... )
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Hmmm, let's open the zipper.


And look at the teeny tiny one!!!!

From Tokyo Disneyland. Of course.
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Yes, Spring is here,* and it's time to swan about in our new bonnet!!!

more swanning )

*Note to readers currently buried under 6 feet of snow and iciness: as is custom in this part of the world, when the weather turns from dark, drizzly and 40 degrees to dark, drizzly and 50 degrees, we in Seattle consider springtime to have officially dawned.


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