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The Stitch toilet seat!

It winked at me! I swear!!


This is actually not strictly speaking a toilet seat - it's more a booster seat for toddlers who are potty training. I have actually seen licensed Disney toilet seats for sale in Asia, although no Stitch yet.
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Yes, peeps, today is the day!

We has looked a long time, and now, located our Holy Grail of Stitch collecting.

Wanna see????

Well, hell, of course you do! So CLICKETY! )
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Look look look look lookity look look look....

It's a teensy stamp set! And, it's from Japan! And, it's for Stitch! The anime. And...

*goes and breathes in and out of a paper bag*


And, you can make teensy stamps. Aaaaaiiiiii, so teensy and neat.....
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These are a couple more items from the Japanese Disney Store's Good Stitch/Bad Stitch promotion from a couple years back. It's like a fold up comb and a little bag. Geez, we now wish we'd bought every single item. Because, awesomeness.

Look, you open up the bag, and it's lined with even more good Stitches and bad Stitches!

We got a Bad Stitch tee shirt from this same series a couple months back, which led to an intense debate with our spouse. Upon showing him our new apparel, Mr. Tikistitch opined, "That's a good shirt for you. Because you're a bad Stitch."

To which we rejoindered, "No, YOU'RE the bad Stitch!"

"No, you're the bad Stitch!" imparted our husband.

"No," we assured him, "You're the bad Stitch!"

Which conversation continued for some time, as it will when you have such high level discussions wherein two parties have doctoral degrees.

Which means, of course, it's pollin' time!!!!

[Poll #1440224]
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Now that we've cleared that up....

Stitchie bling-bling set, from Japan!

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Aug. 4th, 2009 11:11 am
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Often we is asked, "Tikiiiiiii! Do they make everything Stitch in Japan?"

To which we answer, yes. Yes, they make everything Stitch in Japan.
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So, we've been on a crusade of late to try and get pretty much everything that's being marketed in association with the Stitch! anime. T'aint easy. We were pleased to pick up this cute little rolly bag.

You can see it's got Stitchies on the sides too.

Of course, then we opened the tag, and discovered there's even more stuffs in the series to collect. Ah, crud....

The other annoying thing about this piece: we usually loves us some Stitchie bags, because then we can throw other Stitchie stuffs inside, and get all recursive and stuff. This one, however, in order to open it, you need to cut through the tag. Which, we cannot do. Oh, OCD, you are a cruel mistress!

Also, we got kind of enamored of the idea of actually wheeling this little character into work or something. But, given that it's scaled for a Hobbit-sized person (ie, a KID), we'd probably have to hunch over in a ridiculous manner in order to wheel it around. But, we can dream....
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Yet another set o' stuff that's been lingering in the living room too long....

This one is a collaboration between Disney and Sanrio, so expect appalling cuteness.

Hello Stitchie )
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So, today's theme is stuff that comes in sets! (Though, the actual theme is really, getting all that crap out of the living room!) Anyways...

This set o' stuff was evidently available at a Japanese convenience store chain (Family Mart, if we remember our auction descriptions correctly). Not quite clear how this works, as we've never had a genuine Japanese person 'splain it all to us, but these appear to be some kind of premiums only available at a particular store.

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Gyu gyu!

Jun. 5th, 2009 11:02 am
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We have other Stitch slippers, but we bought these strictly for the awesome packaging.

No, not the plastic sack, the back.

These aren't just any slippers! They come with sound effects!

Pa! Gyu gyu! Piin! Have your calves ever gone "Piin!" No? Maybe you should move to Japan!
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Despite appearances to the contrary, we do try to practice a bit of selectivity in our Stitch acquisition frenzy.

This item hit more than one of our collecting themes, particularly in that it is an otherwise handy household item that is shaped like Stitch.

Also, it's kind of fucked up.

Oh, the weird )
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So, the deal is, if you're in Japan, and you decide to go in and test drive a new Subaru, you get Stitch stuff!!!

(Before you rush out and bug your local purveyor of pre-owned vehicles, you read the deal about first being in Japan, right? OK.)

This is, actually, a kite. Of Stitch. Dressed up as a cow. For Subaru.

(We said, this was from Japan, correct?)

Here's another item, a Subaru Stitch mousepad. No, Stitch is not dressed as a cow here. Sorry, we dunno.
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It's the Stitch automatic knitting machine!

Crafty )
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This is new, and it's really one of our favorite Stitch plushies ever.

A-choo! )
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Stitch has arrived.

He will hold my cable.


Can't eat!!

Dec. 3rd, 2008 03:22 pm
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This was the subject of much squealiness within the Tokyo Disney store we visited:

These are little teensy "Decoration kits." Not sure exactly how they're used since the contents are seemingly rubber (ie, not terribly yummy). Maybe you stick them on your cupcake and then reuse them. Anyways, danged awful cute.
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Found this in a Toys R Us in Japan. Stitchie shampoo. So your hair can smell just like a wet dog!

And, no, we haven't actually opened it to take a whiff yet. We are just confabulating. We're thinking that the Japanese writing on the front actually says "Pineapple." But, we've been wrong before.
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When we spotted this set in TRU in Japan, we initially grabbed it because it's so danged cute. But then we looked closer at the tag.

It's bento time! )
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Stitch can help!

We're pretty sure this is one of those dealies that you can push a button and it'll turn into a little heat pad.

Or at least glow mysteriously. As we see here. Dr. Jumba would be pleased.

The best part? Note on the front, it's listed as a "decorative item." 'Cause even though you've got an owie, you can still be kawaii!
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We found this in the back of a shop somewhere in that toy mall with the Volks Shop in Akihabara.

And then a couple shops later, we found this. In case you're ever stranded in the middle of nowhere without a car and your hand gets tired. Plus you can use 'em as pens too.


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