Aug. 6th, 2009 09:56 am
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We got this from the Japanese online Disney store. What can we say, it looked pretty cute.

It's a bobbledy head Stitch.

It's pretty heavy, so we suspect it's actually made of tin. Tin. Ya know, like a tin toy? You don't know? Is there anyone here on LJ who was borned before 2003? *sighs*
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We got this (as we've gotten about 80% of the items in our house it seems) from a Japanese auction board. We thought at the time, there's no way something this awesome could be licensed.

But danged if there isn't a Disney copyright mark on the card! They come in other colors Plus we got a Winnie Pooh as well.
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We love it when worlds collide.

'Magical Stick." An inflatable mahou shoujo-style wand.

Only, for Stitch.

It comes packaged in a neat hexagonal box.

And they slap a ring on one end, to make you think you can win it in a UFO catcher machine. But, you can't. (We bought this one on Yahoo.)
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One of the many benefits of residing at Casa de Tikistitch is the fact that it's Halloween 365 days a year!!! (366 on leap year.)

October country )
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Lilo & Stitch: the Series bowling pins.

bowled over )
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Dollcena is one of the few doll lines we still collect, thanks to crossover with a certain Dizzney line.

We're thinking this 'un is actually supposed to be Dollcena dressed as Lilo? Only, wearing Stitch ears. 'Cause, maybe she just went to Tokyo Dizzyland? Must be why she's so tired. Shhh!
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This one is called "Loverly Flowers for Your Lei."

(Yeah, she comes dressed in Stitch ears.)

Looks like HLJ has her.
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Us [scanning Yahoo Japan auctions]: Eeeeee look! Cute!! Colors!!!

Mr. Tikistitch: Uh-huh.


Mr. Tikistitch: Do they not know you are the Queen of Cute?

Us: I will bid against them! I will bid a lot!

Mr. Tikistitch: Yes. That will teach them.

Cocoa head

Jun. 21st, 2007 07:35 am
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Did someone say Stitch?

Did someone say chocolate?

We actually thought this was a gumball dispenser, but it actually holds M&M type candies.

melts in your mouth )
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OK, so 'bout a million bazillion years ago, we showed you this kewl Barrel o' Stitches game from Japan.

We were overjoyed to find the same game recently, only teensy!!!

mini! )
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From [ profile] igrrl...

The description is what got us:

The super-weapon known as Stitch is a destructive little beast with unimaginable power. Nowadays, Stitch just sort of cools out and relaxes after being gentrified by the lovable Lilo.

Stitchie has been gentrified! Was bound to happen.

Also, they call soap bubbles "soap balls" in Japan. Heh.
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Yet another on our seemingly endless list, "I can't believe they actually make that," the Lilo & Stitch balance ball.

ballsy )
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Squeezy balls!

Happy feet

Jun. 16th, 2006 02:02 pm
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This was one of our favorite items from the J Disney store. Stitch's little footies are actually speakers. Hook 'em up to your 'pooter or iPod or whatever, and they actually work. (Feel free to chime in, but we believe the writing on the box IDs this as "Chara Supi," which we suspect is cutie Engrish for "character speaker.")


Jun. 15th, 2006 02:47 pm
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Purple! And, and tiger stripes!! And, and, and, orangey-pink and greenie!!!!

Dies and dies and dies....
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With Stitchie bees!

and l@@kee... )


Jun. 14th, 2006 08:59 am
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Stitch pledges his eternal devotion.

In a kind of, made in China for the Asian market way.

But wait! There's more... )

Rico Suave

Jun. 13th, 2006 11:48 am
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Speaking of suave devils wearing fashionable headgear (since that is our theme this mornin')....

who is that visor-wearing blue gentleman? )
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Tiiiiikiiii, show us some new stuffs!!!!

Okie-taka. All we have to say is....


Uh, a visor? )
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The Aloha Cousins! schedule book, so you can schedule time to see all the other evil experiments.

Aloha! )


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