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Aren't they great? For whatever reason, everybody in Japan is obsessed with popping soybeans lately. We especially dig the guy with love heart eyes.

New chapeau

Aug. 2nd, 2009 01:45 pm
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There, that works so much better than that old hood, doesn't it, Mr. Jawa?
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Japan seems to love pinning Stitch's ears together with a scrunchie to make him look like a bunnieh.

What's indescribably silly about this set - the hair deals are also leetle bunniehs!

And this is aside from the Stitchies all dressed up in bow ties for no apparent reason.
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Some new-ish UFO sets.

In Japan, UFO catcher machines are often located adjacent to video game arcades. We've often seen young couples wandering by, obviously on their way to gun down zombies or other such date-time activities, when the female of the pair suddenly will pause in front of a catcher machine and exclaim to her partner, well, something in Japanese which we completely fail to understand. HOWEVER! If it were conveniently subtitled, the dialogue, we presume, would be something like, "Oooo, it's Stitchie! How kawaii! Honey bun, will you please win it for me???"

So, it's no surprise to see a number of the catcher machine prizes that have, as a theme, love. Because, love is grand.

Notice the Scrumpie in this set even has a heart-shaped button eye. Kawaii.

V Day

Feb. 14th, 2009 12:11 pm
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Stitch and Angel and Scrumpie wish you much VDay mischief and chock'lit 'n stuff. Also, good luck on the crane machines!
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These Stitchies look like they've been out partying. They're carrying little scrolls, kinda like Sailor Mars used to whack bad guys. Not sure why the guy on the left looks like he's been smacked on the head.

UPDATE: Courtesy [livejournal.com profile] twotone, a bit of info about hanetsuki, which is supposed to be played by girls, or maybe Stitchies in drag.

Plush life

Feb. 13th, 2009 08:52 am
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Another cosplay Stitchie. Can you guess who he is this time? We'll give ya a hint: no, it's not another Stitchie bee.

Suprize! )
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Do you think they will get along?

(tiki is opening boxes and giggling a lot today.)
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Stitchies got....happy headphones!!!!

(And, no, we're not sure why they have little kitten faces. They're from Japan. Like, whatever)

Oh, fu

Feb. 1st, 2009 01:18 pm
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So, we were thinkin' from the images that this was some kind of lion Stitchie.

But now we're thinkin' it's actually a fu doggie Stitchie.

That's what we get for thinkin' too much.


Jan. 13th, 2009 08:26 am
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OK, Americans, no Stitch! for you in 2009 it appears, but that's ok, 'cause ya know why? We can still buy toys!

Here's some Sega Fun-Fan-Amuse series UFO catchers obviously based on the show.

Stitch is wearing his funny hat, and Angel in in kimono.
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This is new, and it's really one of our favorite Stitch plushies ever.

A-choo! )
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Hope everybody had a good and jolly Stitchmas.

Since we've been getting a bit lazy and slobtastic, this is our first new Stitch post of 2009. We'll try to make it up by adding lots and lots and lots of pictures.

Year of the Stitch )

Mall rat

Dec. 29th, 2008 02:41 pm
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Here's another special Stitch beanie made to commemorate the "opening" of a J Disney store.

Stylin' )
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This Stitchie looks like he's up to some mischief!

Tanuki with me )
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And we still haven't even opened the box of Squidmas cards....

But reindeer is happy!!!

We actually now have a sub-collection of "Stich plushies dressed as Santa's reindeer." This is one of our faves. He's just so, YAY!
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This was another crane machine prize what Mr. Tiki won for us.

Can't catch me! )
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Feelin' cozy?

All you ever think about is socks )
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Hey, who's this tongue-waggling J ghostie?


We're guessing this costume is so you can scare people coming and going.


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