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So, we actually have these goodies sitting on the dining room table, it's just we've been to darned lethargic to actually take our own dang pictures.


In case you haven't guessed, they're from Japan, and they're to squooge your sticky rice into pleasantly Stitch-shaped globs so you can has Stitchie Sushi yay!


May. 22nd, 2009 11:29 am
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So, here's the Stitchie chocolate macadamia nuts Mr. Tiki found for us yesterday at Uwajimaya (on the top). We of course immediately hied on up to our new and fabulous Room of Stitch to grab the old box of the same (on the bottom). Oddly enough, they've changed the packaging! (See girls? This is why you think ahead and marry a Collecting God.) The old one had a sticker on it for the Lilo & Stitch Island of Adventure game. Instead of just omitting the sticker, looks like they've completely changed the packaging.

Oh, and no more chocolate covered macadamia nuts. We ate them all. Sorries.
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(Though, we are kinda wondering now if these have been sitting on the shelf at Uwajimaya since 2002.)
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We're thinking these candies are from a company called "Sekuma." But, we may be wrong. We usually are.

Looks like you get some super-neat iron-on Stitchie transfers with this stuff. But, we don't know for sure, because since we don't have an extra, we're too complusive to actually open the package and see. And, yeah, we know, there's meds for that.

Nummy gummy

Feb. 5th, 2009 10:32 am
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From Tomy! Yes, Tomy, the company that makes plastic replica models also made this delicious Stitch-shaped gummy candy!
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OK, so remember this Stitch cookie ornament, of which we showed you a crappy photo the other day?

Well, look at this:

You can actually make Stitchmas love cookies!! In weird psychedelic Xmas-sy colors.

But, take a look at the back. Curiouser and curiouser:

"Sega Fun Fan Amuse" means it's a crane machine prize! A Christmas cookie cutter UFO catcher prize!

Japan rocks.
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Stitchie Xylitol!

Seriously, isn't this like the most awesome packaging ever?

P.S. It's probably gum. But, it doesn't really matter.
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Forgot to put up these images the other day when we were babbling about Stitchfood.

"Notime" appears to be gum. That makes you HAPPY! Although Stitch doesn't seem to agree.
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Some cavity-inducing finds from Japan.

This Stitchie Halloween chocolate was available in a vending machine at the train station just outside Tokyo Disney. Note how Mickey & Minnie are wearing Stitch ears!

Our teeth hurt )


Aug. 19th, 2008 10:11 am
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So, as you may have ascertained, the Dizzney stores in Japan this summer had a promotion where a good portion of the sales area was turned into "Stitch's Ohana Village." And, many of the characters in Stitch got to man part of the imaginary shop. Dr. Jumba was in charge of the grocery store. Which means, of course, radioactive candy yay! Plus, this neat shopping bag.

rot your teeth )
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Yeah, we've been back two weeks, and we're only about halfway through the Japan boxes. It's a veritable Stitch-splosion at Casa de Tikistitch. Just, unbelievable they'd make that much product.

Just to show y'all what the issue is, these are just the food items we picked up in a single day at one Disney store. As everybody knows, tiki loves her Stitch food. But, there was so much!!

I want candy )
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[livejournal.com profile] spazzygirl19 done finded these....

'Tis the first time we've encountered candy that includes instructions. 'Cause, you might eat it wrong, we guess. Thus causing instability.

BTW, speaking of candy, this article by a cranky Englishman caused much amusement. He actually dares to propose that maybe we should quit being so fat-phobic and just, ya know, let kids eat candy if they want.
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So, here's the candy buttons. They're from the US, surprise surprise. You can even order 'em from Amazon! (Though, you need to get the 128-pack, so you'll be able to rot your teeth, plus the teeth of all the kids in the neighborhood.)

576 buttons/pack x 24 pack/case = probable root canal.
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Er, they make Lilo & Stitch mind-altering chemicals?

We needs some.
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We're thinking this cookie tin came from Tokyo Dizzyland.

Mmmmm, cookie! )
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So, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] reichiere, we were alerted to the existence of NEW Stitch food at our local Freddie Meyer. We hastened hence....

...and were SHOCKED and AMAZED by the sheer variety of Disney-branded foodstuffs therein. We boggled for a bit, and then espied, making their way down the aisle, at the late hour the tikis choose for their marketing, a little Microsoft-drones-ish family, featuring tired mommy and tired daddy and a quite impatient kidlet perched on their cart. And it occurred, if Buzz Lightyear's picture featured on a package of frozen Brussels sprouts, said kid would probably demand them, and the 'rents did not look like they were in the headspace to put up much of a fight with said tiny titan.

So, anyways, we picked up a Lilo & Stitch Splasher or two or three (actually, eleven - we bought 'em out, plus grabbed the display, leaving a crumb too small for the other Whos mouses, so don't even think of going to the Bellevue Freddie for your Stitchie needs). And hied home for EXPERIMENTATION!!

Science! )
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One of tiki's most favorite-est things is finding weird new food items featuring Stitch. Dizzy World is a cornucopia of such crazy, including this item Mr. Tiki spotted, some kind of powdered cotton candy.

Based on the label, we don't think we'll be opening it any time soon.
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As you know, there's nothing tiki likes better than Stitch food products. (Well, maybe Stitch bathroom products, but that's another story.)

From Tar-jay!

snacky cakes )

Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] reichiere!!!!

Also, tiki is going to hell!!!!! It's true! We made a big pot o' coffee, but then had to run an errand (we had to get to the licensing bureau to renew our TIKI vanity plate before some #$%$#$% snags it from us) so of course, due to being anal, we turned off the coffee pot before we left the house. And then when we got back, we espied that still half full pot of cold coffee, so we put a cup in the microwave!!!!

As we said, we're going to hell.
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Stitch buns!


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