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So much stuffs, it actually overflowed our Mickey ecobag!

(We had to get an ecobag. Really. 'Cause, the environment. And stuff.)

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What's the best thing about going away? Coming back and raiding the mailbox place for all the junk we ordered for ourselves!

Like this kewl Mickeydoki baglet.

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Since we've been sharing our eBay woes, we thought it might be fair to share a little nice eBay story, because, tiki's crankiness notwithstanding, it's mostly not such a bad gig, and sometimes it's actually kind of OK plus you meet nice people who collect dollies.

Anyways, we had someone buy a dollie, which they liked, so they wrote us about it, which was totally cool (it's fun to see our stuff go off to happy homes of people who like them). Anyways, they wrote, "We shall send you a Stitch!" And, dagnabbit, they did!!!

This guy. Isn't he kind of adorable? It's from the Dizzney store, which means we should probably have gotten our chubby butt in gear to go out and get him ourselves.

We like especially the fact that Gardener Stitch has thought to some kind of insanely dangerous plant (like the one on that episode of the TV show) to the garden party.
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XOXOXOXO --Irish Stitchie


Mar. 16th, 2009 09:54 am
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Got this from evil-bay. The auction description implied it was from a Dizzney park, but the tags indicate it was available at the Dizzney store this VDay. Cute anyway.


Mar. 1st, 2009 12:14 pm
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"Come along," urged Mr. Tikistitch. "For I need new skis, and you will find Stitchies!!!"

There aren't any Stitchies out there, for this is America, we grumped.

"Come, we must hasten!" repeated our eternally optimistic spouse.


Easter Stitchies!

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As frequent readers if this here blog may have surmised, tiki's gots kind of a thing for reindeer Stitchies. And this year's entry from the US Disney store is kind of awesome.

You can't tell from the picture, but he is HUMONGOUS, GINORMOUS, and whatever your partially made-up word for unapologetically, appallingly big.

Also, when you bounce him up and down, his collar jingles in an annoying manner.

This is a somewhat smaller entry in the winter plush collection. We seem to remember it's called something like "Nodenominational Inoffensive Vague Winter Holiday Stitch."

By the by, our FIL just passed on an email claiming that Disney Stores are closing. We can't comment authoritatively, but this seems to have been confabulated from news earlier this year that Disney was repurchasing the stores and closing selected branches. At any rate, would be sad to see the chain go under just as, as evinced from this splendid winter collection, it's getting its mojo back. Nonetheless, the items pictured are also available online, so get 'em while you can.


Nov. 17th, 2008 07:00 pm
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This Stitch Xmas ornament is available at the US Dizzney store. (Since it's been out a couple weeks, it's probably even on sale.) Or, if you don't have a Dizzney store nearby, it's also available online (though they only ship to the US and Canada.)

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Must've missed this guy last time we were at the Dizzney store.
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To steer clear of the Dizzney store.

But, we went anyways....

Boneboy ended up with a kewl Jack Skellington statue. (It lights up - how could anyone resist????) And, we gots beanies. And, a pin. Even though we stay away from pins. Because, when's the last time they had a pin in the Dizzney store?

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Also from the Dizzney store....

Lloyd Bridges Stitch!!

(We bet all of you are too young to get the joke.)

And, he looks like he's getting ready to fry up Pudge the Fish!

Good times. Good times.
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This mysterious item is known (on the tag) as "travel Stitch."

Not quite sure where he's supposed to be travelling though.

To be honest, it looks a lot like, "Unfortunate Encounter with a Steamroller Stitch."
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YES, Virginia, there *is* Stitch at the Dizzney store.

Like this guy, Ginormous Stitch. Whose fuzzy butt could barely be squoze into the trunk of Mr. Tiki's sports car. (And who evidently has a taste for gossipy Hollywood memoirs.)

The official name on the tag?

"Medium Stitch."

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These little guys were evidently available at the Dizzney store? We didn't see 'em. Maybe 'cause we haven't been to a Dizzney Store in like a year.
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(He's currently on sale on the web for $9.99.)
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...and up I5 to Alderwood we go, to visit the Dizzney store.

Slim pickings this year. Looks like Stitch will not be included in the Xmas assortment.

We got this cute mini beanie, imaginatively dubbed "Blue White Stitch." *yawn*

And that was it. Except for this sippy cup. We may have already bought something like this, but we're suckers for naughty Stitch.
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We'd been receiving reports of actual Stitch sightings at the Stitch store, so drove up on the last "top down" day last week. We found Mr. Punkin kind of hiding in the back. There's some fun new NBC Halloweenie stuff, but basically, for L&S, this was it. A bit of a comedown after China, where we had to buy a new piece of luggage to haul just one morning's Stitchie findings. Though, if it were like that here all the time, we would probably soon run out of room at Casa de Tikistitch and it would be like Trouble with Tribbles all over again.
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Went to the Dizzney store this weekend to check out the new summer party set.

Ended up buying, er, kind of a lot.....

Wowsers. Besides the Stitchie plate and cup, we also got party platters and pitchers and even a cocktail shaker. (The tiki guys look like they've been lifted from Finding Nemo.)

tiki )
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And, he got presents.

And a birthday Stitch.

And last night we went to this place and ate way too much French food.
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So, 'twas 75 degrees in tiki-land yesterday. And not a cloud in the sky. And tiki had about 126 hours of indoor meetings with cheery if oblivious scientists to sit through. On the bus ride home, we sat with our nose figuratively pressed to the window, marvelling at the plethora of convertibles whizzing by. Is there, perhaps a secret garage storehouse located somewhere in King County for just such an eventuality?

At 7 pm, Mr. Tikistitch phoned. "We must drive. WITH THE TOP DOWN!"

So, like so many similar stories, this one ended at the Alderwoond Mall Stitch store.

The store was kind of a mess. OK, actually, it was a terrible mess. Is the Children's Place making money through some unknown mechanism involving entropy? We don't know.

Anyways, we did pick up these new (to us) teensy Lilo & Stitch cell phones. We couldn't find a Lilo phone with a fresh battery (so the items have been out for a while), but press the buttons on the Stitch item, and he'll yell that he's cute and fluffy. So, a worthy purchase, if a bit spendy at $5.50 apiece.

And today, yes, it's raining again.


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