Nov. 23rd, 2009 08:11 pm
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Remember this guy?

He's back.

And he brought his friends.

(Yeah, they put a tiny action figure in the schooner. So, we had to buy it.)

These are also cool.

More pix over on the Flickr. They're supposively available only at the Disney parks, but seems that Disney online is also offering them. A lot easier to get them shipped to your home than it is to carry a pirate schooner onto Space Mountain, we thinks.

Ooo la la!

Oct. 19th, 2009 09:33 pm
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Sacre bleu! Duck a l'orange! Je gots stuffs from Disney Resort Paris!!!

Here is M. le Vampire Stitch! Zut alors!

And regardez Stitch's Cousin Cousine Leroi!!! Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust!!!

And Pere Noel himself, Stitch! Avec un small Stitch cookie. Quelle says "Eat Me." La meilleure peluche jamais, n'est-ce pas?


Jul. 15th, 2009 10:00 am
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Still sifting through Casa de Tiki's unending backlog of Stitchery...

This is a frame that is most likely from one of the Tokyo Dizzyland "Find Stitch" events.

Out of the park )
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Not really a cookie.

Of course, that's not really Indy Jones.


Apr. 29th, 2009 10:19 am
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Box from Arribas Bros. in Downtown Dizzney arrived. Here's a sneak peak.

A teeny Stitchie with little cut crystals. Mr. Tiki got us a Lilo & Stitch in this series last year. Now we just gotta clear off enough shelf space to display all our lovelies! Hey, everybody, BUY MORE DOLLIES!!
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Here is the best thing. We were on the studio backlot tour at Hollywood Studios, just off the tram and milling around the gift shop at the end. The boys were all noodling around the Star Wars goodies, oddly enough.

And we spotted this globe:

Yeah, Mickey and Minnie. Yawn. And then wandered off to try on some Mouse ears. When interrupted by Alyssa, who ran over, waving the same dang snowglobe....

"Look, Tiki, it's Emperor Stitch!"


So, here's a lesson kiddies, always turn it around to look at the back!!
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This was from the Wide World of Sports store in Downtown Dizzney - Stitch dives for a pass. They also had the old Stitchie footballs and baseballs.
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So, actually, there wasn't too much. They didn't have a lot of stuff, and the stuff they had, we had. Meaning, we now have as much Stitch stuff as Walt Dizzney himself. Weird, huh?

Fortunately, we also live with a collecting Jedi master. So, Mr. Tikistitch also suggested we hit the resort gift shops. And guess what? We hit paydirt at the Polynesian.

Tiki Stitch! Including a ginormous tiki towel.

Tiki! )
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What's the best thing about going away? Coming back and raiding the mailbox place for all the junk we ordered for ourselves!

Like this kewl Mickeydoki baglet.

Presents for us yay! )
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This is a cell phone strap from Disney Resort Paris. Nothing terribly distinctive about it, several of the parks have used the Bellhop Stitch character for the Tower of Terror ride, and we have other such items from DRP. What strikes us as funny is the fact that they've noted that this is a cell phone strap like fifty times on the packaging. Were this item from Japan, it would be pretty frickin' obvious ('cause that's how they roll), but in Europe, we guess, a cell phone strap is a bit of an oddity.
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Another item from Disney Paris: EuroStitchie holding his little Scrumpie.
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Looks like Stitch is having a very merry un-birthday.

Let them eat cupcake )
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Want to spend the year with Cutie Stitch? Now you can!

Cuted out )
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Presenting, our Mickeydoki bag!!!!

So, like many things with tiki, this is A Long Story.

Blah blah blah )
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Just in case you were wondering what the heck "Raging Spirits" is from that last post, Stitch is kind of a mascot for that ride, so we got a few collectibles with him on them. This is a photo frame. And, yeah, it really looks like that. Only, maybe not with Goofy literally riding it. In case that isn't intimidating enough, they have tons of warning signs, and warning videos, in English, while you're waiting in line.


Dec. 4th, 2008 10:52 am
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Sleepy Stitch We found this at Tokyo Disney. It was one of those items that Mr. Tiki insisted on plonking in our shopping cart. "You've gotta get this one!!!" We protested that we didn't wanna be clutching a big big bag o' plushies on Raging Spirits, but it was to no avail. Fortunately, Sleep Stitch didn't go flying out on the 360 degree loop, although that's the point where we may've lost our spleen.
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Here's the official Tokyo Disney Resort Stitch toothbrush holder.

bright and shiny )
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So, one of our themes today is gonna be "weird shit what we found at Tokyo Disney." Now, just so there is no misunderstanding, Tokyo Disney is like one of our favorite places in the whole wide galaxy, and they always feature absolutely outstanding character goods. The souvenirs are cute and well made, and among the most prized pieces in our collecting. BUT! There's some of the stuff they make, and we at Tiki Labs LLC just kinda gotta scratch our collective noggins and go, "Wha?"

So here's an example.

In case you couldn't tell, this is a rear view mirror. It's pretty cute, with the little duckies.

But, it's a licensed Lilo & Stitch rear view mirror. From Tokyo Disney Resort. Because, we always go to amusement parks to buy our automotive equipment.
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Here's a typical Stitch light toy from Tokyo Disney.

Flash! He'll save every one of us )
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We've always found an alarming array of Stitch action toys at the Tokyo Disney park. Usually, they light up in pretty colors when you press the button or pull the trigger.

This one's a bit different. As we discovered when we were testing it scientifically (by unpacking the boxes), if you tilt it up and it goes, "AWOOOOOO!" and then you flip it upside down it goes, "WAAAOOOO!"

We excitedly demonstrated our scientific finding to Mr. Tiki.

He thinks we are easily amused.


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