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This year's Hinamatsuri statuette from the J Dizzney store.

Stitch and Angel are the Emperor and Emperess.

We're actually amassed quite a few of these hina-ningyo featuring various Dizzney chara. Some day, when we get organized, we'll try to crack them all out and do a real Girls Day display in March.
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A nifty blown glass Stitchie. From Japan yay!

Heart of glass )
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Look who just showed up at Casa de Tikistitch!!!

This is the J Disney store's Santa Stitch Big Fig for this year. From the "Santa! Santa! Santa!" promotion. Because you can never have enough Santa!

Why is he here on December 9th? Because this year at Casa de Tikistitch, we have been very very nice, so he obviously needs a head start delivering all our goodies!


Nov. 21st, 2008 12:08 pm
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Pirrrates are everywhere, mateys!

Including a toy mall in Tokyo!

We found this guy in a toy store that we didn't catch the name of, though it was located in the same building as the Volks shop where they chased us a way a few years ago.

We've seen these items for sale before in Disney parks, but never just in a random store, and without a Disney park logo on the base. 'Twas a salty tale or retail buccaneering, indeed!
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He took the red one )
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Biggs has some discontinued WDCC Stitchie stuffs at a bit of a discount.

We actually already have 'em all.

Yeah, all of 'em.

Yeah, it's sick.
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No, we're not building a new highway bypass or another gate on the airport. It's just, in addition to the flotsam and jetsam we brought back from Japan, we also recently got stuffs from the J auction boards. A virtual Stitch-splosion at Casa de Tiki!

Likee this guy....

We can't go on together )


Jun. 27th, 2008 01:04 pm
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For your consideration....

A little ceramic piece from Tokyo Dizzyland.

Aloha means WHAT??? )
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A quick one whilst we wait to see who's Top Chef....

This is the newest Stitch Big Fig from Japan. He's about 18 inches tall, and he is awesome cool.

gone postal )
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This is probably one of the cutest, and the silliest, things we've ever seen from Japan.

Patookie! )
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Okey-day, ready for some ceramics?

Stitch gots a helmet.

samurai jack )
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Elvis is King. And so is Stitch!

Some Hinamatsuri dolls from the J Disney store.

Imperial March )
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Mr. Tiki once asked, sensibly enough, whether we'd like to try a Disney Cruise at some point. We answered in the negative, as we see them, as a collector, as an excuse to be overwhelmed by dinner plate-sized exclusive collectible pins.

That was, of course, before we saw this item.

Med Fly )
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Sit back, kiddies, and tiki will tell you a skeeeery
tale of Halloween shopping!

Yeah, we know, it's February, but, "It's always Halloween at Casa de Tiki, blah blah blah..." Anyways, this is how long it sometimes takes to receive stuffs from Japan.

Boo )
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So, we got some boxes of Stitchies, which we we've been slowly opening in between our weekly doses of Buffy and Might Boosh.

And, well, then we kinda stopped.

Cute factor critical! )
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What's in the crystal ball?

Forecasting )
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Another item from Tokyo dizzyland. It's a chime, where the bell rattles around inside Stitch's skull. Seems oddly appropriate.
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It's true, we do. It makes us feel that someone is actually paying attention.

Anyways, old buddy and fellow Stitch-o-phile Dave P. was asking after our Stitchues, and so, we have attempted to capture all the Stitch Big Figs currently at Casa De Tiki.

These are the guys living behind the couch. It's a mixture of stuff available from Dizzney online, the parks, and Japan.

statuary )
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More goodness from the J Dizzney Mall's "Kama'aina Stitch" series. We believe Kama'aina translates approximately as a native Hawaiian, so Stitch is donning guises one might see on the islands. Like, hula guy!

Lolo )


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