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Well, yeah, guilty.

We're obviously not gonna wear 'em.

Only in Japan: slippers come with instructions!! Pa! Gyu-gyu! Piin!


Nov. 26th, 2008 10:01 am
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We usually don't buy Stitch infant kurappu, not because it isn't wonderful, but because apparel in Japan tends to be just so danged 'spensive.

But we just couldn't resist this bib set. With baby Stitchies on it! And to think, Japanese babies spit up all over this! And it's probably danged cute!


Aug. 25th, 2008 11:18 am
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This was one of our favorite items from the Disney park in Japan. And, yes, it's grownup-sized, because in Japan, they acknowledge the fact that adults are sometimes very silly.

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...or rather, stuff we didn't see at WDW, since we totally would've bought it.

Can you guess?

It's the Stitch diaper cover. For those at home who are not attending to infants, you slip it on over baby's little botty to cover up the nappy. So, you know, when baby needs to do number two, they can do it INSIDE STITCH'S HEAD, so you won't get your clothes wet and nasty.
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And after you've had your NOT herbal tea, you'll want some relaxation.

Slippers! These really are slippers, in that, you can actually slip your feet into them and tramp around the house, thus further bemusing your husband.
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Hey, they do exist!

Well, in Japan anyways.

Uncharacteristically, tiki's probably going to pass on this goodness. Thing is, they're kiddie sized, so won't actually fit our massive tiki feet. And, they don't have amusing Stitch ears-shaped holes (though the up side of that is that they will probably fit our Stitch Jibbitz). But mostly, at least for now, folks on the Japanese auction boards are asking 5000+ yen for a single pair. Yep, the Japanese love their Crocs.

15 minutes

Apr. 28th, 2008 11:49 am
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We had thought this Warhol-esque Stitchie tee was another item from the Mono Comme Ca promotion from a couple years back.

But, this Lilo tee is an MCC item, and the tags don't match, so it's prolly just an imitation.

Still, pretty cool, even if they're sized for malnourished 11 year olds.


Apr. 24th, 2008 12:16 pm
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So, usually when we're browsing Japanese auctions, we look quickly at the image and decide if it's hot or not, and then make a bid. Sometimes, if we remember, and maybe after we've already sent off for the item, we'll run the description through a translation program. However, in the case of Yahoo Japan, this is often not terribly helpful, as a lot of the verbiage we've seen goes something like, "Please do me the favor of not dishonoring the memory of our ancestors through your idiotic behavior in this transaction." In other words, not very much in terms of describing the item at hand.

So, ya gotta read the pictures.

So, we read this picture....

And though, "OMG kawaii, slippers (it even says so, on the package, in English) that go around your little toesies, with teensy pictures of space ships & etc. on each piggie."

Well, then we got them.

And we, you know, counted.
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A Stitchie tee shirt.
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Bad Stitch

Feb. 17th, 2008 05:14 pm
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A sample of the sparkling diaglog which is our bread and butter at Casa de Tikistitch:

Us: We should have got one of these tee shirts for you.
Mr. Tikistitch: Why?
Us: Because you're a bad Stitch.
Mr. Tiki: YOU'RE the bad Stitch!

Us: No, you're the bad Stitch!
Mr. Tiki: No, you're the bad Stitch!
Us: You're definitely the bad Stitch!
Mr. Tiki: You're the good Stitch and the bad Stitch!

Extra bonus touch: sleeve says, "Zap!!!"
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Yet more stuffs from the Mono Comme Ca (a trendy J boutique) Lilo & Stitch promotion. We've seen this style before--the flip-flops come still attached to a larger slab o' flippy-floppy material, and you punch them out to wear them.

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One of the million billion gazillion Stitchie aprons we've seen lately.

But this one was pretty darned cute, so.....

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Jun. 13th, 2007 09:34 am
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This is another item from the Find Stitch event at TDL.

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These are apparently customs, based on Levis 501 jeans. *sighs* Why is everything cuter in Japan?
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Lookit what we found at our local Dizzney store!!! Lookit lookit lookit!

Yes, we squealed. We squeal often. 'Tis our job.

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It's Tikistitch's tiki aloha shirt! This Hawaiian shirt was produced -- in Hawaii, natch -- by Reyn Spooner, in limited quantities back when Lilo & Stitch was first released in 2002. We are thrilled by the intricate pattern, which features Tiki Stitches, Tiki Lilos, tiki flying saucers, tiki surfboards and tiki blasters.


Mar. 13th, 2005 09:11 pm
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Stopped by the Dizzney store at Alderwood Mall this evenin', just to see if we'd possibly missed anything from their Spring Festival of Stitchiness. Finally picked up this Easter candy keeper thingie dealie on sale for $9.99. It opens so you can store your cheesy poofs or whatever.

Friend Boneboy had tipped us off to the evening's most unusual find, what they're calling the Stitch water wiggle. It's basically like those old gooey sticky octopus toys that you can throw against a window and it sticks. They have a hole in Stitch's plastic bubble where you can poke him in the tummy. "EWWWWW!!" remarked Mr. Tikistitch.

The new adult t design is Stitch's Intergalactic Academy of Mischief.
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Yes, it is the cutest clothes hamper in the world, courtesy, need I say, of Japan. Awwwww!!!

And now that we've kept our clothes all tidy, let's make something to eat. How about coconut cake and coffee? But first, remember to put on your Lilo & Stitch apron!
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Click if you want to see a bigger image. Or not. We don't care.

It's that time of year again! Time for new Stitchies! Lots of new Stitchies. In fact, so many that Tikistitch is going to have to go back for another trip to the Dizzney Store for stuff we didn't pick up last night. Oooo, the pain!! Besides the cutie mini-statue of our favorite genetic mutant with his froggie friend, Stitch also pops up on several Easter-themed ceramic pieces, including this funny purple candle holder, which also features other Dizzney characters, like Winnie the Pooh, and that Eva Gabor cat from the Aristocats.

Of course, we were obligated to scarf up the newest plushies, which included this charming, medium-sized depiction of Stitch strangling a duckling, and a tripped out pastel mini beans version of Stitch as a bunny wabbit. Trippy!

And don't forget, the best Stitch t-shirt ever.
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Yes, Spring is here,* and it's time to swan about in our new bonnet!!!

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*Note to readers currently buried under 6 feet of snow and iciness: as is custom in this part of the world, when the weather turns from dark, drizzly and 40 degrees to dark, drizzly and 50 degrees, we in Seattle consider springtime to have officially dawned.


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