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Watching a bit of Stitch! to hide from eBay horrors.

I have a question: one of the show's running gags has Gantu watching a dorama. They show a bit of it at the beginning of Episode 14 (above). Anybody know if a title is ever mentioned, and if so, what it might be?
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OK, so, we saw a picture of this in a Japanese auction, and since it looked pretty kewl (and was a tie-in to the Japanese Stitch! cartoon) we went ahead and bought it, even though we had no idea in hades what the heck it's supposed to be.

Flash forward a couple months, when it actually arrives on our stoop (OK, actually, it arrived at our PO box, and Mr. Tiki had to bring it home on the seat of his convertible because the box wouldn't all fit in the trunk, but that's another story). And, we still have no idea in hades what the heck it does.

But, it's awfully cool.
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The first DVD boxed set of Stitch! the anime is now up for pre-order on Amazon.jp. It will be released August 5. No clue if it'll have English subs - I actually really doubt it.


Feb. 18th, 2009 09:26 am
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At last, the Stitch funny joke set!

Practical )
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This is also from the new Stitch! anime series.

His Royal Badness )


Jan. 13th, 2009 08:26 am
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OK, Americans, no Stitch! for you in 2009 it appears, but that's ok, 'cause ya know why? We can still buy toys!

Here's some Sega Fun-Fan-Amuse series UFO catchers obviously based on the show.

Stitch is wearing his funny hat, and Angel in in kimono.
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Stitch! Coming in 2009? To the USA????

Disney Asia promo. Sorry folks. Nothing to see here. Move along...

Bad Stitch

Dec. 15th, 2008 10:27 am
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Don't know whether you've all been keeping up with the Stitch! anime cartoon, but if you have, you know that Stitch's goal is to perform a certain number of "good deeds." Not the easiest thing when one has a tendency to naughtiness!! So our blue friend wears a spiffy wrist monitor that keeps track of his current goodness/badness tote.

And, this being Japan, there is a perfectly splendid role-playing toy of the same. Just in time for Christmas!!

We're hoping when it arrives it'll be big enough to squeeze around our chubby chubby tiki wrist. So we can monitor our current badness level.
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Just a reminder. These go up and down kinda quickly on YouTube, so best to watch 'em while you've got 'em.
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When we spotted this set in TRU in Japan, we initially grabbed it because it's so danged cute. But then we looked closer at the tag.

It's bento time! )
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OK, so, a secondary aim of our going on a spontaneous shopping expedition to Tokyo (after the retail assault on the Disney Resort's Tiki Tiki Room) was going after various effluvia that was bound to be associated with the new anime cartoon, Stitch!

So, we're embarrassed to say, we walked right past this item in Toys R Us. It's only after we dispatched Mr. Tikistitch on "OMG go get a shopping cart" duty that our grinning spouse returned with this lovely item in the basket.

Stitch has the sanshin that a lot of the promotional material for Stitch! has him playing, though unfortunately, he's not wearing the little purple hat.

And, you stick the batteries up his butt! Hee. And the concept is you jiggle him and he'll talk or play his sanshin.

But what you wanna know is, is it fun???

Yup. We're totally dying over how he calls himself "Stitchie." That's just the closest Japanese pronunciation, but it's so darned adorable.

Actually, we've noticed if you leave him turned "on," sometimes when he's just sitting there, he'll spontaneously burst into giggles. Swear to god!
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These also are related to the Stitch! anime currently running in Japan. This is from a company called Run A.

Nodders )


Nov. 20th, 2008 11:37 am
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This is a set of "action" Stitch toys loosely based on the new anime series, Stitch!

Much whining about action features )
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Already posted these images on the L&S group last night, but for those of you playing at home:

This is the CD single of the theme song to the new Stitch anime. We purchased from Amazon.co.jp, but it's also easily available from CD Japan.

We haven't even opened it yet, we're just happy looking at the cute cover.
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(Though, not quite sure what Dizzney's gonna make of one of their beloved chara shouting, "CRAP!")

Anybody have a good fix on "youkai," beyond what's in Wikipedia? Seems like it's used for basically any kinda Japanese spirit or spook. Evidently, "Ichariba choodee" (the title of the ep) is an Okinawan saying (in the local dialect) that means, "Once we meet and talk, we are brothers and sisters." So, kinda their version of Ohana.
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tiki was up at the crack o' dawn today, finishing packing and loading the TikiMobile with ebay-ey goodness. Then we bumped into our old friend Buster Doggie whilst unloading kit 'n kaboodle at the post office. He was up early too, walking his buddy, Boneboy. We had an in depth conversation conversation, and concluded that he's a good doggie (yes he is!!!), in fact, the BEST doggie (yes he is!!) and he likes walks (yes he does!!!). Also, Boneboy liked the Wacky Packs book we got him as a "thankee for being an awesome friend above and beyond the call of sanity" gift for helping us unload the 8,000 lb Stitch sign.

Then off to the doctor, where we apologized for not really being terribly sick (and got to compare insanely low blood pressure measures with equally hypotensive office assistant). Doc was terribly nice and chatted amiably about another patient who came in with equally unimpressive symptoms and then only a few months later came down with OMG DEADLY DISEASE! Just the kind of thing that keeps our hypochondriacal heart a-poundin' (though, not terribly hard, as we are hypotensive).

And THEN checked in with PO box boys, who were glad to off-load the 187-odd boxes coming into Casa de Tiki, and which had piled up when we neglected to attend to our postal oddments over the weekend. Having actually secured a parking spot IN FRONT OF CASA DE TIKI, we were understandably reluctant to depart, but needed to get into the office in order to deliver regression results to some hungry, hungry professors. So, we'll just leave you with a tiny peek of the pickings:

From the scorings on the back, it looks like this piece was actually meant to be part of a bigger display, for, of course, Stitch! the anime. But, it's big and obnoxious by itself, so, we likee.


Oct. 10th, 2008 02:30 pm
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Watch it before they take it down!

Added: Hey, Ice Cream Cone Man!


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