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Tiki's is goin' to the best. Convention. EVAR!!!!!!!
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Just playing our marvy bootleg copy of Lilo & Stitch pa russki. (Stitch is "Experment shest-dva-shest.") We mailed it to ourselves from Beijing. Once we found the post office (the first post office we were pointed to was actually a bank, and the second was literally a bombed out shell of a building), doing EMS from China turned out to be simple and quick. The forms were even in English! Wow. And, the packages are arriving literally days later.

Now, London, on the other hand...

London post is falling down )
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Done with London. Off to Riga. May be off Intarnets for a long, long time.
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Last medallions are out. The line stretched out the door and down the hall and down the hall and down the hall and down the hall......

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Jul. 15th, 2007 05:32 am
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So, even though we don't really buy Star Wars any more, sometimes, we find ourselves buying Star Wars, even in London, where we're basically bleeding money from the nose. The artist who did the ridiculously cute chara designs for the CIV badges was here at CE. And because we picked up a couple of his prints, he threw in a special surprise.

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Prop Store London party. Rumors have it, there was karaoke.
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Celebration Europe = learning experience!!!
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Promised Mr. Tiki we'd get back by 6, so....

Counting coins! (Sorry, er, we mean medallions!!!)

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tiki is reporting live to you from the Celebration Europe store.

What's cool? Given that we barely forced ourselves to buy anything at CIV.

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Kiddies: when you get back from an international trip, and you wash your jeans, make sure your passport is not still in the pocket!!!

This message brought to courtesy of Tattoo Shane, who nearly didn't make it to CE. Silly Canadians.
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We have a not crappy at all dinner yay!!

(Though we get the feeling the queen is not amused.)
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Mr. Tiki and friend.
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We got a pink badge! We rock!!
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Our BA flight touched down at noontime yesterday.

And then we taxied.

And taxied.

And taxied.

do we detect a theme? )
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The Celebration Europe poster.

*Squees with squee-pitation*

Star Wars & Beatles = almost as cool as Star Wars & Stitch.
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Dave and Steve's "lost" video game shows, shot at Celebration 2 in Indy.
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Mr. Tikistitch claims this will be the text of the new Burger King-Star Wars commercial.

PALPATINE: Lord Vader!

VADER: Yes, my master?

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This is the exclusive Darth Vader action figure from Celebration 3.

Each person at the Con was limited to 4 figures apiece. Since the convention store was so wildly inefficient, some people ended up spending an entire day of the con in line for their figures.

Darth Vader speaks 4 (or 5) different phrases. We've captured just one here.

Only George Lucas would be brilliant enough to make people pay admission to stand in line for 18 hours in order to spend more money on an action figure then yells at you to go see his crappy movie.


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