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They glow in the dark!!!


Fie upon you, foul temptress [livejournal.com profile] mmymoon!!!!


Mar. 1st, 2009 12:14 pm
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"Come along," urged Mr. Tikistitch. "For I need new skis, and you will find Stitchies!!!"

There aren't any Stitchies out there, for this is America, we grumped.

"Come, we must hasten!" repeated our eternally optimistic spouse.


Easter Stitchies!

Wearin' o' the green )
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We're back.

Couldn't figure out how to get this guy in an airmail box (we mean the plushie, not our husband). Maybe next time.
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Mr. Tiki finally won us that big ass Scrumpie!
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Here's some of it.

(Lucky we moved to a bigger room yesterday.)
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Last night, we did go to the Dizzney store and spend too much $$$$$$$ on sillies.

But first....

We did NOT buy a sweater (and little booties!) for iDog.

"I'VE never seen a dog that would wear little socks," quipped Boneboy, who happens to live with a pair of opinionated terriers.

"But!" we protested. "There are also leetle sockies for his ears! So he won't get cold!"

The mysterious case of the disappearing Stitchie at midnight!!! )
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Boneboy took us. In the Punkin' Car!

But, to tired the tale to tell. We'll have to wait 'til tomorrow.

Also, Mr. Tiki survived Bear Country. He didn't say whether they met Big Al.

Nighty night....
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And so we returned home, only to find our Resident Frenchman in need of a camera. Thus, it was off to Best Buy, with a mandatory stop, of course, at Tar-jay.

Unlike her younger days, when she was often mistaken for a TRU clerk, tiki doesn't venture much into retail outlets that proffer toys. Which is why THIS rather caught us by surprise:

Great googly moogly! Boba Fett, unrivalled in the Star Wars pantheon as Mr. Maximum Utmost (well, aside from that regrettable girlie scream as he goes twirling off in the the Sarlacc belly), crossed with the world's most loveable 'bots, the Transformers? How can you go wrong?

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...in which we attempt a pale and shoddy imitation of the lovely [livejournal.com profile] twotone....

We next scurried to Sephora, a store that specializes in, well, girlie stuffs. We'd heard rumors that they stocked a fragrance line that attempted to reproduce the tempting aroma of espresso coffee. And so, tiki, who never fears being perceived as an escapee from an institution for the commercially insane, asked a bystanding clerk whether they stocked said caffeinated perfumes.

Oddly enough, instead of dialing 911, the clerk readily bought into the madness. "Oh, we used to!" she enthused. "But, take a look at this..."


The baby with the bathwater )
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Tuesday was a day of RETAIL MANIA here at Casa de Tikistitch, aided and abetted by some crafty Euro-buddies. Shall we recap?

We started the day at John Fluevog Shoes. If you ever glance at the LJ rumblings of the Steampunkers, you are no doubt in awe of their strangely retro-future collection of quality footwear. As it happens, our Italian officemate had located an actual retail store only a handful of blocks (and all downhill!!!) from Casa de Tiki. We decided a reconaissance mission was in order.

And the fabled shoes?

They are even cuter in person.

We soon however fixated on...

...which are also even cuter in person.


Here Be Shoe Trauma )
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Went for Spicy Chicken at Nasai. Unfortunately, when it was time to get back to the office, the chipper "Save the Children" donation-mongers were swarming the front of the U bookstore, so we lurched a U-turn and walked by that shoe store again.

Our friend [livejournal.com profile] fushigikb counsels if you find yourself wanting something, take a picture instead. Don't know if it's gonna work. Maybe we need to avoid the Spicy Chicken until they inevitably run out of our size.

ADDING: Just catching up on LJ buddies at lunchitime and found ourselves oddly wishing it was the 18th century, which is odd, 'cause unlike some of our online crowd, tiki is all about The Future. Anyways, was idly imagining some of our fave blogs were actual little salons so we could sit on padded couches in our frippery and chit-chat about this and that whilst sipping tea. We mean, instead of mooching around a teriyaki joint wearing an "I PIRATE MUSIC" tee and squinting into an iPhone. Ah well.
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So, given our current constraints, mainly, that we have too much frakkin' STUFF, we decided to limit ourselves to one and only one toy from Disney/Pixar's insanely cute new movie, Wall*E. Our rule wrt licenses we don't collect has generally been that we must promise to use the item in daily life. Therefore, even though we don't seek out anime merchandise any more, an Astro Boy umbrella is OK, as it keeps us dry at the bus stop on rainy days.

Thus, we figured iDance Wall*E fit within our guidelines. After all, he plays MP3s. And, we listen to MP3s! Yay!! Thus, 'twas off to the Toys R Us in Bellevue, after a brief stop at the Car Place to get Mr. Tiki's beloved convertible all spit shined and pretty, we arrived at Toys R Us.

Now, tiki doesn't get out to toy stores much any more. But, given that we were looking for an item relating to the newest Disney movie, in fact, the Disney Pixar movie of the summer, we expected to wander in the door, and, after a momentary shudder from the blast of sweet, sweet air-conditioning, wander over to a vast end cap filled with licensed merchandise, from Wall*E inflatable pools to Wall*E electric golf carts to Wall*E charcoal briquettes to Wall*E aluminum siding.

But, there was nothing at the front of the store. Nothing. There was a Batman display, one supposes, aimed at the many 6 year old tots keening after Heath Ledger merchandise.

After a good 20 minutes of wandering around aimlessly, we finally located a Spiderman iDog. Which was, frankly, not what we were looking for. And then we finally found a few Wall*E figures on the pegs, tucked behind the action figures.

But no iDance. And we wanted iDance Wall*E. Dammit.

So, we went to Tar-jay....


Jun. 19th, 2008 07:11 am
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So, running on a hot tip from our spies in SoCal, we whizzed off to WalMart up at Lynwood in search of the legendary Splash Mates Stitch. Where, we didn't find it. Really, they didn't even have any toy in the "Splash Mates" line. Miffed, we next checked the nearby Toys R Us, where they had at least had Splash Mates, but only in Winnie the Pooh characters. D--n you, Pooh Bear!

At which point, kind of gave up for a couple weeks.

THEN! We entreated Mr. Tiki to ferry us to the BIG 24 hour super-duper WalMart, up in Marysville. We wrapped our head into our squid hoodie (as we drive with the top down 'cause that's how we roll and set forth.

And found, nothing. No Splash Mates. They didn't even have a little shelf tag for it in the Toy Section. Just a bunch of Sesame Street-influenced nonsense. D--n you, Elmo!

Mr. Tiki, never one to be discouraged by simple reality, suggested on our way home re-checking the first Walmart, in Lynwood, on the way home. "I have a feeling," our toy-force-sensitive husband declared. We Pooh-Poohed this line of investigation (d--n you, Pooh Pooh!), but, since our spouse can be persuasive on matters of toy location, we agreed on the condition that Mr. Tiki would have this way additional opportunities to shop for obscure flavors of Indy Jones Eggos.

So, we returned to WalMart Number One, once again, walked the entire store, past Olson twins fashions and 120 packs of fun-sized Three Musketeers bars and back to the toy section where we once again located the Preschool aisle. And came upon this...

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YES, Virginia, there *is* Stitch at the Dizzney store.

Like this guy, Ginormous Stitch. Whose fuzzy butt could barely be squoze into the trunk of Mr. Tiki's sports car. (And who evidently has a taste for gossipy Hollywood memoirs.)

The official name on the tag?

"Medium Stitch."



Dec. 16th, 2007 01:14 am
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Went to Walmart.

At midnight.

The parking lot was full.


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Anyone been here?


They have toys.


And they're like a couple miles from Casa de Tikistitch!
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We'd been receiving reports of actual Stitch sightings at the Stitch store, so drove up on the last "top down" day last week. We found Mr. Punkin kind of hiding in the back. There's some fun new NBC Halloweenie stuff, but basically, for L&S, this was it. A bit of a comedown after China, where we had to buy a new piece of luggage to haul just one morning's Stitchie findings. Though, if it were like that here all the time, we would probably soon run out of room at Casa de Tikistitch and it would be like Trouble with Tribbles all over again.
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Went to the Dizzney store this weekend to check out the new summer party set.

Ended up buying, er, kind of a lot.....

Wowsers. Besides the Stitchie plate and cup, we also got party platters and pitchers and even a cocktail shaker. (The tiki guys look like they've been lifted from Finding Nemo.)

tiki )
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"Quickly! We must away to shop for Star Wars toys...."

But Mr. Tikistitch! We are tired and cranky and smell bad! We want to loll on the couch, drinking cheap red wine and reading fantasy novels.

"No excuses!"

But Mr. Tikistitch! There is no Stitch Store at Southcenter, and thus nothing on which to waste our shopping money.

"Go you will. It is your des-ti-ny!"

And so, along with Mr. Tikistitch and the Mad Frenchman and Boneboy (who was, for unexplained reasons, also hanging around the living room at Casa de Tikistitch), we squoze into the Tikimobile, and plunged south on I-5....

onward and downward! )
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Somehow, Tikistitch ended up inside Walmart at midnight last night.

Click below for the terryifying tale.

WARNING: Image intensive, and probably not interesting to the non-Star Wars obsessive.

It was a dark and stormy night.... )


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