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From here.

Link shared through the brilliant [livejournal.com profile] annlarimer, who wishes to improve society through tentacles.
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Steampunk robo-octy? WITH GOGGLES?

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Via PZ Myers, source of all that is good and squid-tastic in the universe.
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Via Pharyngula.
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NOTE: If you haven't seen the movie version yet, this has a spoiler!!!

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Look who just slithered into Casa de Tikistitch!

Tantacly! )
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Did we remember to post this?

Boneboy is to blame.

They are sold out in purple, hahaha. But, still available in many tentacly designer colors.
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Behold! The might Octy-Juicer!*

And it comes with important life lessons!!!**

* OK, they call it "Octo Juicer," but we prefer to be on more familiar terms with our cephalopodian kitchen implements.
**For those who for some reason cannot decipher our crappy cell phone picture, the captions read, "Feed juice only," "No Durian," and "Not for food."
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Now tiki must go write code....
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He was Limited. ;_; But! Tania-chan got one, so we may enjoy in a vicarious manner (AND not have to dust!!!).
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So, 'twas a sad tiki day.

We spent our precious lunch driving to our mailbox place, only to learn that we literally had too much stuff to fit in tiki's car!!!! This despite the nifty fold-down seats, plus the convenient warping of time and space inside.

But even sadder, we returned home to discover that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE PACKAGES (including the teensy ones) WAS ACTUALLY FOR MR. TIKISTITCH (who's out of the country, and not even around to enjoy them).

Woe is us )
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How did they know we just broke the zipper on our squiddie?

And lookit, it's reversible:

So tentacly....
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And this link is no help at all.


Aug. 6th, 2008 08:00 pm
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So, we're still obsessed over these Diving Sea Creatures [tm] from Boneboy.

'Specially since we started to read the back. "Never dive into shallow water." We think we can all agree, sound advice. But we're most intrigued by the latter items, mainly,

"Packaging has to be kept since it contains important information."


"Fastening or packing materials are not part of the toy and should be discarded for children's safety."

As it turns out, these are NOT squid! Our little cephalopodians would not stoop to such crazy-making!! You can't fool us Diving Sea Creatures! You're secretly working for tiki's mom, eh? Little devils.
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So, Boneboy was reading our blog the other day, where - let's admit it - we do tend to whine, and evidently, we were whining about the lack of squiddiliness in our lives.

So he brang us this:

Squiddies to improve bathtime fun!! But, why are they called "Diving Sea Creatures" and not, ya know, squiddies, which ? Is the term "Squid" now a trademark of PZ Myers or something? 'Tis a mystery!
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But if we had a bumper sticker...

It would be this...

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Back from art show. Too tired to blog. Like the wig?


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