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More Avatar, sorries, I'll put it behind the cut, a couple of things about the biology that kinda stuck:

The Jungle Ride )
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So, like every good nerd in the universe, we went to see Avatar this weekend. As well as hosting a party for 60 (PHEAR MY HOSTING SKILZ). So, am taking a break from my new fun game, Search for Plastic Cups, to write some comments.

The Dragon Riders of Pan ... dora. )

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In case anybody is interested (you've all seen it, right?) I've scribbled down a few notes. I'll stick most of it under the cut in case anyone was saving themselves.

Was a bit taken aback this one didn't come with 3D glasses. Anybody know why Disney/Pixar passed on 3D for this one?

Am I Blu? )
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Since several of my friends seemed interested, wanted to scribble down a few impressions of Spike Jonze's take on Where the Wild Things are whilst it is fresh in the tiki braaaiiiiiiin.

Above the cut summary: flawed, but worth a look, if only for the fucking amazing Henson Shop creatures. And, yeah, there is OMG teh drama, though I personally didn't find myself much affected. Maybe not a kids movie. If you have doubts, then I'd go prescreen it, since you know your kids better than I do.

I didn't really care about spoilers for this movie, since, duh, I'd read the book, but I'm putting the rest under a cut just in case you don't wanna see it yet.

Where the rambling are )
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*crosses fingers*
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So, given that Mr. Tiki is off in Tacoma for some godawful reason, tiki's havin' a Girl Night. So of course, we're watching Mama Mia. Basically, the plot is that Meryl Streep lives in Greece, and every so often, bursts in to Abba songs. In other words, it is awesome.

BUT! One tweest is that Big Love girlie (uh, whassername, the blond chick) has invited three of Meryl's ex-boyfriends, one of which may or may not be her biological daddy. Three guys. Three hot guys. Namely, Pierce Brosnan, Stellan SkarsgÄrd and/or Colin Firth.

So, since tiki has an entire dining room table full of Stitch items to photograph, we have decided to create a poll yay!

[Poll #1431723]
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But, you already knew that.

A couple of non-spoilery comments, but I've tucked them under a cut anyways....

It's not how you are, but how you LOOK! )
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Saw Drag Me to Hell. Wasn't the GREATEST EVER, but was pretty good. Sure as heck better than Terminator Salivation.

Poor Mac Guy. No matter what he does in his whole life, he's gonna be Mac Guy.

Afterwards, Mr. Tiki hands me an envelope and goes, "Would you hold this for me?"*

*(This won't make sense unless you've seen the movie.)
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So, evidently, McG had never heard of this "Terminator" stuff, some crap from the 80s or something, so they told him to go rent the video, but he ended up checking out Road Warrior instead, because it was on the same rack, and was too embarrassed to tell them about the mistake, and besides, that was one kewl movie. Then they all saw Batman and thought that was one kewl movie too, and totally decided they wanted that actor, whoever he was, and not realizing that he was the dead one, so it ended up starring Christian Bale instead.

New Trek

May. 10th, 2009 07:54 am
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Herein are reactions to the new Trek movie.

First, my credentials as a Trekkie, which are sterling: I saw most of the original series when it was originally broadcast. Most of you on LJ cannot say this, due to the whole not-being-alive-yet thing.

Below cut to avoid potential spoileration )

Gots to go do some more work on our Stitch Room of Goodness. BTW, any idears as to what to call our Stitch room? Stitchsylvania? The Duchy of Stitchenstein?
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As stated in the title, this is not really a review, for reasons that will be stated later. Should be non-spoilery, but I'm putting it all under a cut, so as not to annoy.

3D glasses yay! )
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Totally stolen from [livejournal.com profile] jeepersjournal.....

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Because all our friends are more awesome than us, looks like pretty much everybody has already seen this, but whatever....

Might be spoilery if you've been living in an alternate parallel universe for the last year )
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NOTE: If you haven't seen the movie version yet, this has a spoiler!!!

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Smashing! Hope they release this one on Blu Ray soon so we can really wallow.
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tiki gots kwestion:

Cut for to avoid spoileration )
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Let's just say, it exceeded our expectations, which were admittedly pretty low.

For the 2 people who are interested, not really spoilerific, but behind a cut anyways )
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Frankly, the one thing that really bugs us is Nightowl's lack of a paunch. Though, what else do you expect from the guy who gave us CG 6-pack abs.

P.S. Whatever it is, and it may actually be a very good movie, it's not gonna be Watchmen. Not from Zack "300" Whatzits. To get something even coming close to Watchmen, you would have had to hand it to either someone totally fucking brilliant, like Guillermo del Toro, or completely batshit insane, like Oliver Stone.
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Sooo, the Tikis decided that it would constitute a fitting end of the era to spend the evening first with a pitcher of margaritas and thence a viewing of Oliver Stone's latest biopic, W.

There being a global economic crisis and suchlike, the restaurant was not crowded, so service was swift. And so, as we had a few minutes to spare between the end of polishing off tiki's Cuban sandwich and the start time of the commercials before the previews before the film, we suggested nipping over to Gameworks for a quick scan of their SEGA claw machines. There's never any Stitchies over there, but what the hey?

And, of course, there weren't any Stitchies. But then myopic-but-nevertheless-sharp-eyed Mr. Tikistitch spotted something underneath the foam footballs.

"Hey, isn't that a Lilo?"

ZOMFG, it was!

We charged up the ol' Gameworks card and Mr. Tiki started in with his magic. But, our spouse was thwarted by the unlucky preponderance of those $#%@#$ foam footballs. Thinking like a person who's just returned from Japan, we inquired of an attendant.

He unlocked the case and grabbed Lilo. "This one?" He then unceremoniously handed her to us. "That easy enough?"

We looked at Mr. Tiki. "OMG, the Welfare State is back!!!!"

As for W., well, we liked it. Appropriately, we thought, the theater was almost completely deserted. It is perhaps too sympathetic to the title character, but as we decided afterwards, it wouldn't have made a good movie to portray George W. as the peevish bully he appears to be in real life. Richard Dreyfuss's Dick Cheney is a creepy delight. But we were most struck by the Colin Powell character: what must it have been like for him to sit suffering in the room amidst so many dolts? Perhaps a bit like the last eight years have been for the rest of us?


Oct. 27th, 2008 02:07 pm
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