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Dear Everyones,

It's that time again, yes, time for The Tiki's WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

This year it is our lucky THIRTEENTH.

In honor of the occasion, and in order to escape from a neverending series of campaign robocalls accusing our candidate of being a gay muslim socialist what's out to scratch dyslexic letter "B's" in all our backsides, our husband and ourselves have decided to make a loooooong weekend of it. And so, after posting our absentee ballots (like good citizens!!!) last week, we have cashed in a tiny fraction of Mr. Tiki's 10 million bajillion katrillion frequent flier points and packed our Stitch luggage intending to flee the country, hopefully to a place where neither of us will be capable of reading a newspaper nor understanding a television news program until the "all clear" signal blares the evening Tuesday, November 4th.

Our destination: SOOPER SEKRIT! Shhhhhh!

Our intent: buy toys. Lots of them. LET'S GET THIS ECONOMY MOVING!!!

We will be checking in. And, sending blurry iPhone pictures. So everybody behave, because tiki is always watching!!!!


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Or, at least, the little pumpkin. Another item from the Disney store in Japan. According to the description, it's supposed to be a trick or treat basket, though it looks kinda small to us.

Oh, and there's that pear-looking thingie again. We think [livejournal.com profile] twotone is right, and it's actually a head of garlic. Ya know, to keep the Dracula Stitchies away. Though why you'd ever wanna do that, we don't know!
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Here's more Halloween Leroy, Stitch as Drac and Stitch as Wolfie.

We are thinking these are scaaaaaary pencil cases, due to the whole zipper thing.

Oh, and check it out - even the tag is cute! It says something about "magical doors." Like, unlocking the doors of perception? Does this mean we all need to start wearing leather pants?
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Here is your Halloween Kleenex box cover (from Japan, of course):

The strap is so you can hang this on the back of a headrest (in a car), thus giving your passengers access to both tissues and kawaii. Not quite sure why Leroy is holding out a pear to Dracula Stitch.
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Anybody else for a dose of Halloween silly?

Stitch is glad to comply!!!

Here's the lineup from the J Dizzney store this year. We think they all did it!

Oh, and look, the Stitch as Wolfie has a FUZZY TAIL!
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OK, we are reeeeeeally not gonna start collecting just general Disney nonsense, but these are pretty darned cool.
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Cousin Itt: "Is that Han Solo?"

Spiderman: "Heeeeey! There's a lot of Stitch in here!"

Teenagers with pillowcases: "Ohmugaw! You've got Stitch! You've got Han Solo!"
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Run for life!

It's the mighty BUSTER-ZILLA!

"Oh, why me?" saith the puppy.

From Boneboy.
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So, it's Halloween!

AND it's the Tikistitch's 12th anniversary!!!

We sent Devil Stitchie to deliver some special Halloween love greetings to you!


Well, he's cute, but he kind of walks like a drunken sailor, huh?

Maybe if we get him going downhill?

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Via [livejournal.com profile] fullcircleagain.
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A Halloween set from a company called Maxsure. We especially like the red devil Scrump, and Stitch dressed as "Franken-Scrump."
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The items in this set were evidently available as some kind of premiums at 7-11 stores in Japan. This is supposed to be the full set.

(BTW, if you're going to Japan, 7-11s and other convenience stores are neat an unexpected places to find little tchotchkes. If you pop in for a soda, do poke around.)

Goes up to 11 )
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Continuing with our Fred Astaire-esque theme, Scrump dons a Halloween top hat.

The little ghostie on top is pretty cute, huh?
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It's the most wonderful time of the year. And we're beginning to get new Halloween-flavored Stitchie merchandise, so let's take a look.

This is one of our faves so far. It's from the Dizzney mall in Japan.

Trick or trick )


Oct. 12th, 2007 10:24 am
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We usually try to avoid NBC stuff (because, well, we already have plenty of crap), but these cell straps are adorable. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) Strapya World sent us this picture well after most of the stuff had already sold out.


Oct. 10th, 2007 12:38 pm
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See this?

Whilst we were dancing around Edmonton with Elvis Trooper, the J Dizzney Mall sold out of Halloweenie Beanie Tiki Stitch!!!!!

*sniffles in undignified fashion*


Oct. 2nd, 2007 01:46 pm
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So, Boneboy axed us what we thought about this torchiere....

We think Department 56 has a tap on his phoneline. That is if they're not already having an ultra-secret division of the CIA read his mind!!!
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We'd been receiving reports of actual Stitch sightings at the Stitch store, so drove up on the last "top down" day last week. We found Mr. Punkin kind of hiding in the back. There's some fun new NBC Halloweenie stuff, but basically, for L&S, this was it. A bit of a comedown after China, where we had to buy a new piece of luggage to haul just one morning's Stitchie findings. Though, if it were like that here all the time, we would probably soon run out of room at Casa de Tikistitch and it would be like Trouble with Tribbles all over again.
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(Don't worry, this is how we generally feel on a Monday morning before coffee.)
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May we just say,


EDIT: Sorry kiddies, Tikistitch was up waaaaaay past her bedtime watching Johnny Depp movies and babbling over AIM.

A clever person from Biscuit's Club spotted Halloween Kitty Licca over on the Japanese Takara web site.

As for pre-orders, I'd say the usual suspects, Helina, or perhaps Rudi when he gets back to Taiwan. There's also Kanoko, though I don't know if she takes pre-orders, she'll probably have the doll available on her site when it's out.

It says 1554 yen, so she'll even be cheap!!

EDIT edit: Hrrrm, might be so cheap 'cause it's just an outfit, not a doll. Will keep y'all posted.


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