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tiki is snarfed up by the Baby Jawa.

Whilst Daddy Jawa laughs and laughs.
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We wanted to share some images from the fabulous Disney presentation at Star Wars celebration.

First, understand we're not exaggerating when we relate what a marvelous experience it was. We've experienced Star Wars collectibles tracks since the Inky Dawn of Celebration, when hapless presenters were literally standing on the flatbed of a truck waving their action figures at mud-soaked passers by.

But at C IV, collectibles came of age, and for our friends from the Mouse, the room was packed, and the audience was psyched.

And, need we mention, there was Stitch???

Let there be Stitch! )


Jun. 4th, 2007 09:37 am
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We just returned from Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles.

Of course, we couldn't forget to bring something back for our favorite Sith Lord!

What's that you got around your mottled neck, Darth Maul?

medals! )
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Finally getting up some images of The Vader Project, one of the most awesome kewl sights at Celebration IV. Though tiki barely emerged from Room 511, we actually attended the Vader Helmet exhibit twice.

Our C IV photo set is here, and Darth Vader and all the other Vaders are towards the bottom-ish.

Here's more info from Starwars.com. Dov Kelemer, who put the show together, is an old friend. Plus, we actually know one of the artists, Wade Lageose, who did the creeptastic Statue of Liberty Vader. We actually buttonholed him at an event to get the lowdown--evidently, Master Replicas sent everybody Vader helmets pulled minty fresh from the molds. Though, when we tried to pin him down regarding his artistic vision ("The Statue of Liberty is now Darth Vader? We're well and truly fucked, right???") he got all coy and artist-y.

Our friend Curt, who we attended a session with, has a pretty damn awesome Flickr photo set of the piece.
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Just got back from seeing Pirrrrates. As our buddy Greg said, it was long. And odd. Working on our Dizzyland Flickr photo set. Jedi Training Academy is like the cutest thing ever in the entire galaxy.

use the force )
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We're starting to upload photos from CIV to the SARLACC picture page. Curt and I took exactly the same photo!!! Take a look here.
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One last Star Wars in-joke. From a rest stop near Mt. Shasta. (You have to be as geeky as tiki to get it.)

Back to reality. Lucky Mr. Tikistitch got the very last car detailing appointment at his parking garage, so hopefully they'll scrape the rest of the rice bugs off our convertible. tiki's getting a new officemate here, a fabulously fashionable Italian grad student. We're anticipating getting absolutely no work done this summer.

This was posted on Rebelscum:

My experience at celebration 4 was horrid....

Someone bitching about the Medallions. Which we gave away. For free.
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How many packages do you have to ship home from Celebration, Mr. Tikistitch?

(Actually, there's more around the corner.)

We wish we'd a-brang the camera to FedEx--the pile o' packages there was quite hee-larious.

Motel hell

May. 30th, 2007 08:08 am
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So, after a refreshing visit to FedEx/Kinko's to offload 8 packages of Star Warsy goodness, some caffeine jamming at Starbucks, and then a quick session of "how to pack 10 gallons of luggage into an 8 oz trunk (it helps if you played a lot of Tetris as a kid) we were off at the crack of noon,

We were actually making good time until we surrendered to the siren song of Mexican food. We asked our driver if he'd be ok after the toilet bowl-sized Margaritas, and he assured us, yes, but after piling on the carbs, we decided instead to stumble over to a nearby Motel 6 which advertised free internet. The town, whatever the hell it is, was innundated last night with clouds of small bugs, which we took for mosquitoes, whose favorite food, as it happens, is fresh tiki. But, oddly, we weren't being stung. "Rice bugs," the motel guy explained, "we have rice paddies."

Rice paddies? OK, California, has any explained to you that you're living in a freaking DESERT?
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Lots o' stuffs. Like, a complete set o' badges and a little acrylic cubie from GenCon.

And and and... )
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Well, whenever Mr. Tiki wakes up.

And goes to FedEx to mail the 6 or 7 or 12 boxes he packed last night.
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...back to where the @#$^%$ wireless works.

Handed out the last of the medallions. Dined with Elvis Trooper. Crashed the GenCon party. 'Twas a good day.
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In my country, Seth Green take picture of you!!!

Long day. Distributed many medallions, and made people cry.

Some new friends came up to greet Mr. Tiki. They said they were thrilled to finally meet Admiral Akbar.

At the end, our party was huddled, freezing, outside Jim Henson studios in N. Hollywood so late they turned off Kermit. They turned off Kermit! We discussed whether Celebration XXXIV will feature a licensed R2D2 dialysis machine.

Bed. Us. Now.
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What's that in the collectors showcase, Mr. Tikistitch?

let them eat cake )
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Today was ZOMG SETH GREEN GOODNESS!! We totally saw him talking on a cell phone in the exhibition hall and could have even reached over and touched him and then we saw the Robot Chicken panel from only 3 rows back because they thought we were VIPs when we were actually just ratty Con volunteers, hahahaha.

But, we forgot and left the camera cable with Mr. Tiki again, so you'll have to settle for Chef Vader.

Also, tiki had to pass through a metal detector to get dinner. But then we had brownies, plus got a free t shirt, so it was ok. 'Twas quite funny to see all assembled pulling collectible medallions out of pants pockets and shirt pockets and jacket pockets and other orifices.

Yoda man

May. 26th, 2007 07:56 am
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Hasbro's newest Star Wars action figure--Stitch!

Yes, really.

The Dizzney panel at Celebration IV was absolutely packed--even the very nice presenters (who'd evidently flown all the way from Mouse Home Base in Florida) were a bit taken aback by the enthusiasm present at a con where people run around dressed as Wookiees. Anyways, they presented concepts for some upcoming Star Wars/Dizzney crossover figures, such as yet more successors to the popular Darth Spud (including a Boba Fett) all named with terrible puns.

Love and death at the Dizzney panel )
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Weirdy WiFi is letting us post again, so we'll make it quick before we journey to slumberland. Con started for us on Wednesday, after we moved our belongings into the World's Swankiest Hotel Room (forget thing mints, these guys wrap little pink ribbons around the extra toilet paper roll--no kidding). Spent approximately 8,567 hours counting medallions. Then came back the next day and....counted medallions. Oh, and also escaped for a spell and saw [livejournal.com profile] fushigikb for a fun lunch & gabfest around Chinatown & Little Tokyo. We really liked a new-ish store called Robocon--they even had Stitch gashapon.

We REALLY need to get to bed )
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Been having some trouble posting here 'cause wireless be wonky. Will try to update soon.


May. 23rd, 2007 07:57 am
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We made it to LA. Heading over to the Con Center today.

The best place to find tiki will be around the collecting panels room. (If you ask, they probably know us by our Planet Earth name, "Pam," and not tiki--Star Wars collectors are silly.) We're scheduled to be on volunteering duty all day Saturday and all day Sunday.


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