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Just got a message that the crazy Japanese Stitch toy "dancing" to Janet Jackson "may have content that is owned or licensed by UMG." Hahaha! I'd love it if Universal Music Group went up against my plush toy!


Apr. 1st, 2009 10:03 am
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So, during our regular morning meeting here at the editorial board of Tikistitch Limited LLC, we thought long and hard about April Fools. Given that this here blog is already dedicated to foolishness for 364 days of the year (and 365 on Leap Years), we thought, why not use April Fools to be Serious for a change?

And then we thought, nah.

So, here ya go, Lilo & Stitch Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots!

These were described at Lilo & Stitch "sumo" on the auction description.

But, if you take a look, they have a mechanism similar to what folks in the US (olde folks, like tiki) associate with Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots!

Basically, when you work the levers, Lilo & Stitch engage in a rather aggressive version of the old disco dance, "The Bump."

But why bother with foolish explanations, when we can post silly videos? Indeed:

Also, this 'splains why Lilo & Stitch aren't facing each other, as that would look kinda....er...well, if you don't see it kiddies, go ask your parents, and if that doesn't work, go ask the kids hanging out by the street corner.
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Gabu Gabu Stitch from Takara Tomy.

Om nom nom )
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A ginormous Stitchie UFO catcher from our friend Steven in Singapore.

And, there's a Scrumpie too!

The Frenchman is visiting, and was duly frightened by the enormous heads.

BUT! These are also Action!Stitchies!!

See? Very useful if you happen to have low-flying aircraft in your neighborhood!!
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(OK, maybe you can actually rock a little harder than that.)
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...for HALLOWEEN SCARIES, that is!

Today's terrifying terror:


Let's see him in action, waddya say? May want to hide the little ones, this will be ghoulish!!!

Um, ok.
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OK, so, remember this?

Here's what happens when he moves to FRANCE!

This is from the Paris Disney Resort.

Evil koala

Oct. 2nd, 2008 03:10 pm
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And finally, the exciting conclusion to Around the World in 80 Eight Stitchies!

In which we go to....

Australia! Where Stitch the evil koala is dressed up as ... an evil koala! With a little behbeh koala. (Do baby koalas hang on the arm of their mom like that? Hrm.)

He also walks around. We haven't tried him yet, because all the AA batteries are still in that Stitch we showed the other day who plays the Mickey Mouse Club March. Will he walk to "Waltzing Matilda?" "The Land Down Under?" "Back in Black??" Nah, it's prolly just London Bridge again. But we can hope. No worries, eh?
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The "on" button:

This is the first time we can recall getting a Japanese toy (or rather, a toy released in the Japanese market - it's probably made in China) that plays that particular tune. At least it's not "London Bridge" again!
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"Let's laugh happily together?" Sure, why not.

Maybe be some confusion in the translation between "laughter" and "grand mal seizure."
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So, this pirrrrate ship is actually an Action!Stitchie. It's got a battery pack, and wheels on the bottom.

At some point, we'll inevitably get out the screwdriver and AAs, poised in anticipation, only to to have our hopes come crashing down after we push the red button to find it is just the 197 millionth toy in our collection to play "London Bridge."
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Stitch is a grey devil!

Check out the teensy wing action!

And what's more, this is another battery-operated toy.

So, given that this is one of Disney's naughtiest characters, and he's dressed as a demon, what do you s'pose he'll do when you press the button??? This could be coolness!

Yup. We grabbed the Philips head screwdriver, pulled out the battery box and inserted some AAs, only to find he's our 8 jillionth battery operated toy that sings "London Bridge." Which, if you think about, is kind of mischievious.
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These are minis with the lovely name "Yura Yura Catch."

Yes we catch! )

BUT! As well as minis, these also fall under the "Action!Stitch" category. Observe....

[livejournal.com profile] keeper1st has already commented that it's tiki's dream UFO catcher: it always picks up the Stitch!

What would be devilishly great would be if these toys were available in a UFO catcher, so you could catch them. Oh, the recursiveness!!
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We don't have video of these guys: basically, the walk and play music. We've got a bunch of suchlike on Youtube if you wanna see. We're just getting bemused by all the choices for Action!Stitchery these days:

For ex, we showed Stitch dressed as a lobster the other day: now here, for even less reason, is the walkaround version.

And, Stitch's naughty cousin, Leroy, dressed improbably as O Totoro.
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Ya know how you spend all this time picking out the perfect birthday gift for your favorite three year old, and then she gets it and opens it, and spends all afternoon ignoring it, but merrily playing in the cardboard box you used to wrap it?

tiki kinda never got over that phase.

So, even though we have a den-full of these silly battery-operated walking/running/dancing/spitting Stitchies. we hadda get this one, because we liked the box!!

boxing day )

So, you ask, what duzzit do???

You might be able to hear us clapping at the very start of the video - that's what's supposed to start him off, but it doesn't seem half as effective as tilting him, setting him down, or even looking at him crossways. UNLESS you have a video camera working, in which place, nothing will start him dancing. (In this way, Stitch, too, much resembles a willful three year old.)
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So, it is weekend.

And you know what that means, boys and girls?

That means it's time for Tiki Labs LLC REAL SCIENCE 'SPERMENTATION!!!

Today, the Stitch Head CD Player Thing-o.

You press his nose to make Stitch open his maw.

And then gently lift up his slobbery slobbery tongue.

For the CD, we'd recommend staying with the Classics.

OK, now just press down his tongue (EWWWWW!!!) and....

As you may surmise, the teeth buttons aren't exactly the height of functionality. But, it's just so darned cute-tastic.
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Hey, Stitch, isn't that your butt where your tummy's supposed to be?

Oh, we see how things could get confus-ed.
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So, when we opened our latest box of Japanese pop culture detritus, we were amazed to find a Rockin' Elvis Stitch! (And, yes, we were surprised. tiki is old, and sometimes between seeing an item on the web and bidding on the item and paying for the item and getting the item shipped and picking up the box and actually opening said, box - which is often a lapse of sevearl months - we completely forget what it was we bought. So, it's like Xmas! Only slightly more expensive.)

This item combines three of our most favorite things about the universe: Stitch, Elvis, and bizarre Japanese battery-operated toys.

So, we got out the Phillips head screwdriver and the pack of AAs, and with the aid of Tiki Labs LLCs many battery gnomes, set out to see: what rockin' tunes would Elvis Stitch care to favor us with? A little Hound Dog? Maybe something more obscure, like A Little Less Conversation. Or something tasty from his later oevre, like Suspicious Minds?

Let's find out....

Er, OK.
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"What do you want to do tonight, Robo-Stitch?"

"Same thing we do every night, Robo-Stitch. Try and take over the world!!!"

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They're Stitch and Angel.

They're riding giant mice.

And, they're singing "Yellow Rose of Texas."

No, we don't have any flippin' idea either.



Wanna see it again????

Of course you do.



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