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Machu Picchu : Llamas

Here's the Peru photo.

More here.

Still suffering from Peruvian Box Flu (a head cold) and was up with insomina half of last night, so I'm punchy.

We went to sign the final loan papers for Monster Garage this morning, which was a relief. Gus was late as usual, so we took two cars: he headed to work and I headed home. Well, I got all the way here, turned into the alley, and heard a slight metallic pop. I figured maybe I'd nicked my rear view on the telephone poll. Got out, and was relived to see the rear view was fine, but then looked back: the entire passenger side was SCRAPED!

I cried, and then went back to being a grown up and called insurance and my auto body place. So I can take my baby car in tomorrow. My insurance agent is actually pretty cool, and I know the auto shop, so I'll be OK. Just, yeah, like I needed another stress. Oh, and the insurance lady mentioned everyone was calling in sick from the cold, so maybe it's not Peruvian after all.

But THEN I called my pharmacy to see what the fuck is up with my pills. I'd called in for a refill this weekend and still hadn't heard, and I'm running out. Well, they hadn't heard, so I called the doc. Sorry, we have to see you before we can refill this time. I mentioned I'd just seen her a couple months back. "NOT FOR A CHECKUP." OK, so can I see her this week. NO, no appointments this week. *sigh* I got the first available appointment, and then asked if PLEASE she could give me enough more pills to get me though. "Yes, she will *probably* do it today." Except it's 5, and I still haven't heard. Oh, and to get to the appointment, I'll need a car, which may or may not be at the shop. Since I scraped it. Since I'm an idiot.

*le sigh*

OTOH, Gus made it back. Unfortunately, he *missed* his plane in Houston by 2 minutes yesterday, due to the INS taking him aside for a super special search. The only person in our group going to Peru who's Hispanic, and he's the only one searched? Sorta weird, if you ask me.

And I ordered a Scrump cap. Because I need one.
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