Jun. 12th, 2012 09:06 am
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Warning: high earworm potential.

Decided to watch an actual GOOD movie this weekend: Guru, starring Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. It's one of those biographical sagas actors love, because they get to wear aging make up and win Oscars (or rather Filmfare awards if you're in India). Abhi is a slightly unscrupulous business guy working his way up. Ash, his real life wife, stars as his loyal wife. In the clip above, her brother has just revealed to her that Abhi only married her for her dowry, but of course they figure out that Arranged Marriages are Best Marriages, so they have to be together anyway.

One pleasure of this is that Abhi and Ash make a GREAT onscreen couple: they're adorable! I had always thought I liked him best with Rani Mukerji. Also worth noting, this is somewhat an Indian version of Citizen Kane, but in this version, Kane is the HERO. Interesting cultural note, I think.

Parenthetically, I'm gonna be away for a few days: flying to Peru early Thursday. Gus is already down there, fishing for piranha. I'm sorta freaked. I have chronic pain, and I've been through a TERRIBLE flare up these past two weeks: I've barely been able to hobble to work some days. I think the deal was my doc tweaked my meds when she should have left everything be. But, anyway, I'm hoping I'll stay OK for the Awful Flight of Awful to get the fuck down there. And, yes, there's gonna be a Star Wars convention, but I have to leave before then, as I don't have any vacation days left.
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