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Let's Dance.

I haven't been gobbling up BW movies as fast recently because (1) we were re-viewing Season 1 of Game of Thrones (given I'm too damn lazy to read the books) and (2) I've also been bowing to Tumblr social pressure and catching up on Supernatural. The former was worth doing (lots of "Oh, so THAT's who that guy is!") the latter is probably bound to End Badly (Supernatural actually kills more characters than GoT, though they also tend to pop back to life).

So, anyways, Kismat Konnection was about what I was looking for in a dumb Hindi movie: forgettable plot, gratuitous shower scene, and some lively dancing. Both Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan actually know how to dance too, which is refreshing. As for the story, she's marrying the wrong guy, of course (the sleazy guy rapping.) It defies credibility that her character didn't just run off with Shahid after this number, I mean, geez! But, everything ends up happily after a couple of Bolly-twists.


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