Apr. 17th, 2012 07:06 pm
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Tension goodbye! Now let's go have a shootout....

I'm getting sorta behind on these things. I'll dispense with Elaan now 'cause there's not much to say. A gangster kills Rahul Khanna's father, so he recruits a super team of the hawt-est Bollywood guys and gals (Arjun Rampal, John "shirt optional" Abraham, Amisha Patel and Lara Dutta) to go kick their asses. This makes even less sense than usual. Arjun is a tough ex-cop, so that sorta works, and Abraham, er, likes to work out bare-chested. But Lara is a dancer and Amisha a reporter. Anyways, before long they're all toting handguns and shooting bad guys. It's sort of pedestrian: the direction is odd, and the script is weak. (I think you can kind of predict the level of creativity involved in these things when Arjun's character's name is "Arjun.") It ALSO doesn't help that the chapter list included on the DVD lists chapter 19 as "Arjun's Death." Uh, yeah, that's NOT a spoiler, thanks, guys.

But then at a random moment, you see the number above, where after two hours of mayhem, suddenly everyone jumps up and is dancing in the park. Yay!
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