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Abhishek and Amitabh dance together yay!

I guess KANK (as it is officially known) was sort of controversial when it came out. Big spoiler here, but two characters have an affair, which, although it happens, you know, in real life, does NOT happen in Indian movies. I guess the film didn't do great domestically, but found a life with the Desi population, which is probably a bit more tolerant.

So, here's the set-up: SRK is a football star on the eve of a big break, and he's married to Preity Zinta, who's just breaking into fashion magazines. He runs into pretty Rani Mukherji on the eve of her wedding to Abhishek Bachchan. Unfortunately, they decide they are in BW film love, even though they're sorta married to other guys. Also also, SRK gets hit by a car and crippled for life, thus ending his football career. Flash forward a few years, Rani is miserably married to Little B, and SRK is just generally miserable, resentful of his now successful wife, Preity, and acting abusive towards his sweet little nerd kid.

Oh, and Big B is also floating around as an awesome cool sexy old dude. He is by far the best thing about the movie.

Anyway, Rani and SRK run into each other, and then the rest of the picture is about them dumping their respective spouses to be with their true loves.

I dunno, maybe I was expecting something different, but this just seemed like having to spend Thanksgiving with a lot of faintly unpleasant relatives. The scenery was gorgeous (it's set in New York) and the dance numbers were fun. But, I couldn't believe SRK could come off annoying, but he did. Everyone just seems a bit grumpy and self-absorbed. I think the only person who had the right idea was Arjun Rampal, who appears in a couple of early scenes, and then evidently flew the coop for a better movie.

The two Bachchans dancing together was super fun, and I literally squeed when I saw Kajol pop up. But she soon left for greener pastures as well.


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