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Your guess is as good as mine....

These BW flicks can be over three hours long, so it sometimes takes more than one viewing. And if I don't particularly like a film, or it's too damn weird to understand, it can take 3 or 4 evenings for me to get through it.

Moksha? I think it's been a month.

Soooo. Arjun Rampal is a lawyer. A really hawt lawyer, it goes without saying. Oh, and like Wizare of Oz, sometimes he's technicolor, but sometimes, he's black and white. And the B&W stuff comes off like some kinda obscure perfume commercial, where he's always brooding and often wet.

Meanwhile, in color-land, he hooks up with Manisha Koirala. Now, you'd think if he'd seen Dil Se, he might think twice about dating Crazy Suicide Bomber Girl. He's cute, but I never said he was a brain surgeon. So, he's a lawyer, but he's all depressed about the law, and sometimes, he'll start SHOUTING, because it's SO UNFAIR. And then he'll go brood, which is better.

One thing you should understand: Arjun started out as a model. This was his first film. So, as an actor.... He's REALLY cute. Actually, as long as he shuts up and lets the camera linger over him brooding, he does OK, but if he has to, ya know, recite lines and stuff?

Anyways, several perfume commercials later, he decides to rob a bank. And Manisha thinks this is keen, but then she decides it's a dumb idea. AND THEN ... she's dead, and Arjun is on trial for murdering her. And, uh, now Naseeruddin Shah is somehow involved (I never figured out how - I really gotta see that actor in a good movie some day).

And THEN it gets weird.

This movie is 10 lbs of crazy in a 1 lb sack. I guess Arjun got some awards as most promising newcomer for this crap. He is really, really cute.

I love bollywood.


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