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I'm posting this song 'cuz I'm a sucker for guys dancing together

First off, you gotta understand, this is one silly, silly movie. It's well made, and the Blu Ray is utterly gorgeous. But, we're not talking Masterpiece Theater here: the first joke involves Akshay Kumar vacuuming up a parrot named Prada.

So, Akshay has bad luck, which he also seems to spread to anyone he encounters. After losing his job (and his girlfriend) he is taken in by his friends, Ritesh Deshmukh and his wife, Lara Dutta. They promptly lose their house. Sort of out of desperation, they set him up in an arranged marriage with the boss's daughter, who promptly marries him, and then dumps him for her old boyfriend. But! Enter adorable Deepika Padukone, who saves Akshay from a suicide attempt and then falls in love with him. Happily ever after? Not hardly. Amongst other problems, Lara's nosy father just came to town, and Deepika has a deeply suspicious MOSSAD agent-type for a brother, played by Arjun Rampal.

The misunderstandings start piling up (for example, Akshay has to pretend to be married to Lara in order to rent a mansion to impress Lara's father; Akshay has to pretend he was never married, so as not to upset Deepika or her psycho brother).

This movie I guess got some mediocre reviews, but did wonderful box office. I loved it! The three male leads are all great looking guys (Akshay is a nerd, and he is adorable), and the female leads are cute as a button as well. Lots of silly physical comedy, but these guys all pull it off well. Oh, and you not only get a gratuitous Arjun shower scene, it turns into a gratuitous Arjun bubble bath scene! There is also a metric ton of intentional ho-yay, as one of the running jokes is that Lara's dotty dad is convinced Akshay and Ritesh are actually gay lovers. The songs are fairly catchy, and I think the best thing is that everybody seems to be having such a fun time (see the video above).


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