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Oops! Wrong fiance. HATE THAT when it happens!

I expected that this was gonna be another wretched Arjun Rampal movie, but ended up pleasantly surprised. Sort of a nice balance of decent musical numbers aided by a great leavening of that tasty Bolly-WTF.

The story: Amisha Patel is a blind girl. One day, Arjun Rampal rides up and saves her from certain death. Now, even though she's blind, he's SO HAWT, she falls in love, and they end up dancing in a field and suchlike.

And then he even gets her to a doctor to restore her eyesight! Yay!

BUT! It's time for a Bolly-twist. There's some bad dudes, and for some reason I never quite caught, the main bad dude is Amisha's ex, and boy is he jealous. He ends up gunning down her mom (right in the middle of a production number! The cad!) And then he and his buddies beat the spit out of Arjun and leave him for dead.

The surgery works, and Amisha can see, but she's all upset that Arjun was all presumed dead and stuff. But THEN! She meets Bobby Deol, and he convinces her to quit moping and come sing in a field with him! She's all happy and the get engaged.

Oh, and by the way, Bobby's best friend is some dude who got beat up really bad and was left for dead somewhere. How weird, huh? Oh, and he's coming to the engagement party!

As is turns out, Bobby's friend is none other than....

Yes, he is Jesus! (Didn't see that one coming, huh?)

No, actually, Jesus gets a shave and a haircut, and then he's Arjun, so it takes another 20 minutes for sighted Amisha to figure out he's Arjun, and then they have to be noble and stuff for another hour until Bobby WHIPS OUT A PISTOL and threatens them at gunpoint to reveal the truth about their looooove.

I like Bobby.

Like I said, this one had just the right mix of light-hearted and silly. One source of hilarity: you can see in the video they filmed a some sequences in a gorgeous palace. But then they'll go sit outside in front of the cheapest fucking matte painting you have ever seen - seriously, it looks like they paid someone $1.95 to paint a sunset with fingerpaints.

Oh, and Amisha calls Arjun, "Babu." I have no idea why. But I just kept thinking of Peanuts and Sally calling Linus her "sweet Baboo."


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