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It's danged difficult to tell the girls apart when they all have the same playback singer.

So, I didn't quite realize what I was getting into with this one: I was just expecting a fairly mediocre Arjun Rampal movie. So, Rekha is the mom, because she ALWAYS plays the mom. It opens with her riding on a carnival ride with her little girl, when what do they spot across the grounds, but DADDY! And he's with, er, his other wife and daughter. Ooo, awkwaaaard!

Anyways, dad and nasty mistress get dispatched within the first five minutes, leaving Rekha with two daughters: her bio daughter (Mahima Chaudary) and the daughter of that cheatin' ho (Preity Zinta). And so, being the fair person she is, Rekha loves her own daughter and despises Preity, which gives Preity traumas. Which was a bit too much like growing up in my own family. Eek.

Anyways, Preity meets Arjun when he comes to investigate the factory she works in, which his father owns. There's squabbling, but before long they're singing in a field. But then there's some romantic mixups, as childhood friend (and creepy puppeteer) Jimmy Shergill has eyes for Preity, and Mahima meanwhile also falls for Arjun. And things aren't helped by Evil Mom being Evil.

The film itself is pretty forgettable, redeemed by a lot of catchy songs (my understanding is that the film flopped, but the soundtrack was a big hit). Arjun didn't spend much time with his shirt off (not even a freaking shower scene, dangit), but OTOH, I got to throw darts at Rekha - YOU BITCH!

By the by, I understand that before Rekha was everybody's mom, she was a sex symbol onscreen, and BEFORE THAT, was a child star. And also scandalized everybody with her offscreen hijinx. So, I gotta look up more of her movies.
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