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A little sloppy and sentimental, but I was in the mood after a couple of murder mysteries in which EVERYBODY was apparently guilty.

So, first off, this movie presupposes that you would be insane enough to leave Kajol for Kareena Kapoor. Who could be that dumb? Arjun Rampal, that's who. Eh, he's cute, I never said he was a brain surgeon.

Because this is an Indian movie, they had to amp up the melodrama: it turns out, Kajol is dying from Bollywood cancer, which is the worst kind: you just get cuter and cuter, until you collapse, and then you get to say a bunch of sentimental goodbye speeches.

Before she goes up to that Great Dance Routine in the Sky, Kajol nobly decides to bring Kareena, her ex-hubby's new gf, into the family so the kids will have a mom. Therefore there's a bunch of cute blended family stuff. One thing that's pretty danged weird that they never explain: which chick exactly is Arjun with during this interlude? He sorta breaks up with Kareena when he learns Kajol is dying, and they never really resolve it.

Also, this movie has Kajol AND Kareena and you have to wait TWO HOURS for them to freaking DANCE!!! But, they finally do, and it's pretty funny. I wish to heck I could have found a video with English subs: part of the joke is they're doing karaoke, and Kajol completely forgets the words, so she makes up a bunch of complete babble as she goes along.

I thought this was fun: the making of video shows folks like the choreographer, and you also get to see those mysterious playback singers! The ones for this movie were actually kinda young and cute, which, believe me, isn't always the case.

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