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A wedding dance yay! Hey, why is everybody fat?

Guys, stuff like Deewanapan is the reason I watch Hindi movies.

So, we've got Arjun Rampal. AND HOW! The first time we see him, he zips up on his motorcycle, whips off his helmet, and SHAKES OUT HIS LOVELY HAIR.

I knew at this point I was going to absolutely love this movie.

Arjun and his folks live at a ski resort. He meets a chick. She's not quite as pretty as he, but you can't have everything, and of course he falls instantly and hopelessly in loooooove. And it's HINDI MOVIE LOVE, which cannot be negated.

So, he dances around a bit on his own and then he dances with the girl, and then she leaves. And he is sad, and sings a sad song. But THEN he and his folks move to the Big City, and he meets the girl again! And guess, what, Arjun's sister is getting married, so they can have a big old dance at her wedding! (See above.) (I often wonder at Indian brides, that they don't seem to object to some random bridesmaid or guest hogging the center of attention.)

Anyways, it's time for Hindi Movie Complication: turns out that the girl's father is a big time gangster who's not real pleased about Arjun, even if he is totally hawt. So, Godfather does stuff like arresting Arjun's dad, making sure no one sells food to Arjun's mom, and THEN he starts beating up Arjun's friends, threatening them all with painful death, that kinda stuff.

So, of course, Arjun being a simple college student, he slaps on a pair of leather pants and starts kicking ass! He even growls, all Hulk-like: there's even a scene where he rips off the bad guy's shirt, and I yelled at the screen, "Hey, rip off your own shirt Arjun!" And guess, what, HE DID! And, we get to see it from three different angles, and in slow motion!

Sadly, there aren't any "beating up dudes" songs, but near the end, Arjun's girl dances in a cool production number to show Daddy that she still likes Arjun, despite all the beatings and stuff (see below).

This was a good movie. This was the best movie.


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